Let me just say, it’s not easy to leave Cancun. There were a few times in the cab ride to the airport where I turned to my husband and said “let’s turn around”—and I wasn’t joking. Our trip was filled with plenty of sunshine, warm beaches, breathtaking sunsets, plenty of eating and drinking, and good friends. We went to attend the wedding of our good friends Brandon and Vannie, which was held at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort—probably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

In addition to the wedding, we shopped, explored, and had a really great dinner at a restaurant called La Destileria, that used to be an old tequila factory. The food (and tequila selection, of course) was top notch. And the live mariachi music was the icing on the cake. Anyone who knows me well knows I have deep love for mariachi music. It’s in my blood, I suppose.

If I had to point out the most memorable part of my trip it would be the wedding, followed by the time we spent with our cab driver, Carlos. He was awesome, and his mini-tour of Cancun was exactly what my husband and I needed to see the real Cancun away from all the resorts. On the 30 minute ride from our hotel, to the wedding hotel, Carlos wasted no time pointing out his favorite places, including a small fruteria, or fruit stand, where you could get a whole coconut, peeled and sliced open for around $1.50 USD. Most resorts charge upwards of $7 USD for this. He even let me chat with him in my broken Spanish. Between his broken English, and my Spanglish, we were quite a pair. Carlos was so helpful we asked him to take us to the airport, and when we said goodbye to him, it felt like saying goodbye to a friend.

I know some Americans are scared to travel to Mexico right now because of the drug wars that are going on. But I urge everyone to remember that most Mexican people are kind, honest, and hard working, and there’s little to fear, especially when visiting a tourist-friendly destination like Cancun.

Even though it was hard to leave, I know I’ll be back. I even told my husband to keep Carlos’s business card. We’ll be calling him again, for sure.