I can’t seem to stop talking about the White Horse pub, so hopefully writing this post will get it out of my system and give my poor coworkers a break from hearing me rave on and on about it to anyone who asks about my recent trip to Seattle.

A window at the pub with the lettering White Horse on the glass.

Window at the White Horse Trading Company. Photo © Grace Fujimoto.

This pub, located on Post Alley above Pike Place Market, is the perfect place to end the day. It feels like an overstuffed living room/library, with the old-fashioned leather love seats, shelves filled with books, dim lighting, and random paraphernalia on the walls. The bartenders and table servers are warm, friendly, and mellow despite their unexpectedly formal attire of collared shirts, ties, and aprons.

Once you’re inside, you just feel so welcome — welcome to linger over the abbreviated selection of drinks (Pimms Cup, cider, honey mead, two wines, and a smattering of beers), welcome to have long meaningful or frivolous conversations with your friends or whomever might be sitting next to you, welcome to come back again the next night.

We did all three, and the second night was even more perfect because we had the stroke of genius to bring along fish-and-chips (deliciously moist and flaky from Pike Street Fish Fry) to have as a fourth meal with cider. One of my friends later said that this was probably one of the most brilliant ideas we’d ever had. I would have to agree.

The White Horse Trading Company – 1908 Post Alley, Seattle; 206/441-7767; Mon.–Sat. 5 p.m.–midnight (until 1 or 2 a.m. if there’s a crowd)