Here’s what this week’s winners of our guidebook giveaway contest had to say about their favorite U.S. cities:

For Tricia J. Orlando tops the list because “it is full of adventures for children and those with a heart of a child….one of those few places in which one can explore like Indiana Jones, dream like Walt Disney, [and] pretend like a movie star.”

Jennifer E. calls San Luis Obispo, California her “home away from home.” She also says: “Located 30 minutes from the coast, San Luis has the benefit of the coastal climate set against a beautiful mountainous backdrop. Whether enjoying the day at the weekly summertime street fair, or strolling downtown by the creek, San Luis has it all.”

Willis L.’s love for Denver runs deep. Here’s what he loves most: “300 days of sunshine per year, 8 home Broncos’ games, 3,500 animals at the zoo, 130 nonstop national and international flights into Denver per day, Elitch Gardens amusement park is open 123 days this year, the 20 mile Clear Creek Bike Path, win up to $599 dollars tax-free at nearby casinos in Blackhawks and Central City, 200 pennies buy a local fare on the RTD bus system and the closest ski resort, Loveland, receives 400 inches of snow to ski on.”

Jennifer R. had this to say about Point Pleasant, New Jersey: “You just can’t beat the smell of the salt-water filled air, the cheese steak and sausage sandwiches, and the people watching! Even with the summer crowds, it’s just the most relaxing place to be, day or night.”

Isaac M. loves Butler, Wisconsin: “Butler contains everything I want and need, (i) friendly neighborhood filled streets covered by tree-leaf canopies, (ii) a small park with playgrounds, baseball diamonds, tennis courts and the obligatory quaint stream, (iii) an old-fashioned barber, (iv) model train store, (v) diner, and (vi) post office, (vii) and best of all my wife and my two-year old son, which I freely admit tend to make any city the best city.”

Jill N. couldn’t say enough good things about Austin: “The kind people there really make the town glow. The large selection of amazing outdoor eating spots also helps to put Austin up at the top of my list. Then there’s Barton Springs, Town Lake, and the Greenbelt for those looking to explore the outdoors. And where else can you see millions of bats take flight every night from under a downtown bridge? That’s unique, y’all!”

Jason & Nicole M. ask “What could be better than Seattle?” They exclaimed, “I love that within a few hours, I can be driving through the beautiful Canadian Rockies or watching tide pools in the Pacific. Seattle rocks!”

Thank you to all who entered. We still have lots of books to give away, and will be choosing more winners next week. So keep the entries coming to!