The third edition of Moon Metro London goes on sale this week, after much anticipation. I would have loved to have had it for my trip there back in May! I had been worried that I wouldn’t even be able to bring the second edition with me. We didn’t have any copies in the office stock room, so I took the one that wasn’t ever supposed to leave my desk, hoping I wouldn’t lose it along the way. It was worth the risk—the book was indispensable in getting me around like an old hand, not the first-timer I actually was.

I wasn’t the only one searching for a copy of Moon Metro London. When I was in Trafalgar Square, looking up where I might go to eat, an Italian traveler asked me if I could take a photo of him and his friend. But that was just a guise—what he really wanted was my book. He pointed to it and asked me excitedly where I got it. I told him that I brought it from the states, but that didn’t satisfy him.

“We’ve been looking for that book, but we can’t find it. Do you know where we can buy it here?”

Since it was hard even for me to get this one copy, I figured the likelihood of these guys finding it in London was pretty slim.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I don’t.” I felt terrible. Any other time, I would have gladly given him my copy since whenever I travel to a Metro city, I usually bring half a dozen copies with me to “accidentally” leave behind in the lobbies of chic hotels.

I gave him a sympathetic look, and, as a way of showing that I understood why he wanted it so badly, I said, “It’s very good.”

At that, he waved his hand and said, a little dismissively, “Oh I know.”

I had to suppress a smile. He had no idea he was talking to the editor of the book he was so desperately seeking.

We got back to the business of taking the photo, and as I handed the camera back to him, he pointed my book out to his friend and said something in Italian, which, from his gestures, I’m guessing was something like, “Look, see what she’s got!”

Curious about why these Italian travelers so wanted to get their hands on Moon Metro London? Look for it at your local bookstore or online! And if London isn’t in your travel schedule, we also have Moon Metros to 11 other major cities.