Adventure Giveaway Winner Announced

Congratulations to Fred Shahroooz Scampato, the winner of our recent adventure-themed giveaway!

We asked readers to submit their most adventurous travel story via our website, or on the Moon Facebook and Twitter pages. We got some great responses that ranged from giving birth in Brazil to white water rafting down the Nile, but Fred’s story really captured our attention. Here’s what he had to say:

“Years ago when I was a teenager, I went on a trip with my parents to various parts of Iran. When we arrived in Mashad, Iran, my mother wanted to go to a very famous and sacred shrine. Unfortunately, it was not safe for westerners to go there and as I was blond and blue eyed, I would especially stand out. So, I agreed to go dressed in a chador and to keep my head down so that people wouldn't see the color of my eyes. I thought was great fun and had a great time knowing that I was perhaps one of the few westerners to ever visit that site at that time. Of course, looking back on the event as an adult, I am surprised that my mother took the risk! But I'm so glad she did.”

Thank you, Fred, for sharing your story with us. Your $25 gift card to REI is in the mail.

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