Moon Travel Guides is excited to be one of the guest hosts for this week’s Travelers’ Night In (aka #TNI) event on Twitter.

Started by the adventurous and fun travelers at, #TNI is a ‘tweet-up’ held every Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 PM EST where travel lovers follow regular/guest hosts for 10 travel related questions. These questions are tweeted by the hosts every ten minutes, and travel-minded participants respond with their most creative answers and tag their tweets with the #TNI hashtag. It’s a great way to chat with travel experts—and addicts—and learn about the latest ideas and trends in the travel world.

According to, past #TNI events have averaged more than 5,000 tweets, reaching over 600,000 followers, and resulted in 12 million plus impressions. #TNI was recently a top 10 Twitter trending topic.

Each week there’s a new travel-related topic to discuss—and this week’s topic will be “Libations Around the World,” which we’re sure will inspire some interesting (and more than likely hilarious) conversation. So start thinking about your favorite wineries, distilleries, New Years cocktails, and local beverages to tweet about.

To participate in the #TNI fun, you’ll need a Twitter account. To join in, simply log in to Twitter, keep an eye out for the questions, and respond with the question number, your answer, and the #TNI hashtag. Just remember than Twitter has a 140 character limit. Here’s an example:

Question: What items make great souvenirs?
Answer: Jewelry (local or handmade) – or something tasty that won’t break or spill in your luggage is always a good call. #TNI

It’s super simple to catch on, and a lot of fun! We hope you’ll join us for Thursday’s event. To learn more about #TNI, or find out about future discussion topics, visit ZipSetGo’s website.