Movie poster showing the tops of the jungle canopy and the movie title 2012 The Beginning.

Produced by WildHeart Vision.

2012: The Beginning is a 52-minute documentary film which takes a serious-minded look at the science and people behind the Maya 2012 story. The film, which was directed by Shannon Kring Buset and produced by WildHeart Vision of Finland, was launched this month at the MipDoc 2012 festival at Cannes, where it was the most-watched documentary out of at least 1400 films screened there.

2012: The Beginning offers viewers a level-headed explanation of 13 baktun, as the 12-21-2012 cycle ending is known in Mayan, by looking at ancient texts and talking to knowledgeable experts and shamans. Many of these same experts are also featured in my book, Maya 2012: A Guide to Celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, including John Major Jenkins, Robert Sitler, Ed Barnhart, and Barb MacLeod.

Footage from six countries, across the Mundo Maya and beyond, takes the viewer on an exciting tour. It is particularly captivating to accompany John Major Jenkins on his visit to Tortuguero Monumenty 6, the only known inscription referring to 2012, in a museum in Villahermosa, Mexico.

The DVD version of 2012: The Beginning will go on sale on May 14 and will be available on the film’s website. The price of the DVD is $19.99 which includes eight documentary short extras.