Margherita Pizza with bubbling cheese on a pan.

Margherita Pizza from DeSano Pizza Bakery © Jen Rios-Burns

Authentic Napoli-style pizza in Nashville? Yes readers, it’s true—and it’s delicious! A recent weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee led me to the most delicious pizza I’ve tasted outside of Italy, and of course I had to share this find with our readers.

DeSano Pizza Bakery specializes in true Italian-style pizzas, with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala flown in weekly from a small town in Campania, and flour shipped straight from Italy. Even their three pizza ovens were hand-made in Naples and shipped to Nashville (each weighing over 10,000 pounds).

I ordered the Margherita (pictured above) and it was amazing. I can easily say it’s the best pizza I’ve tasted in the United States. DeSano also offers an impressive condiment bar where you can help yourself to out-of-this-world olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as red peppers, pecorino romano, and fresh chopped garlic. After trying some of the garlic, I was glad I was traveling solo.

After the first bite I quickly realized I wanted to wolf down the entire pie, but I resisted. I politely asked for a to-go box for the last two slices, and then promptly ate them as soon as I got into my car. Who was I fooling? It was that good. I was pretty much in a carb coma the rest of the day, but it was 100 percent worth it.

If you’re in Nashville, or planning a visit, I’d definitely encourage a visit to DeSano. If you end up trying one of their amazing looking homemade cannoli’s, let me know how it was. I really wanted to try one, but I was way too full and happy to even consider it.

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