The Best Day in San José del Cabo

Waves roll in on a resort-lined stretch of golden beach.

Playa Costa Azul. Photo © Alejandro Cabrera.

Map of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

San Jose del Cabo

A perfect day in San José revolves around art and food. Plan your trip on a Thursday to coincide with the weekly evening Art Walk or on a Saturday to experience the organic farmers market in the morning.

Start the day with a freshly baked pastry at the French Riviera or homemade granola and an espresso drink at Café Calafia. Stroll over to the plaza and enjoy the cool morning air. If it’s a Saturday in the high season, cross the plaza and Calle Obregón and make your way to the San José del Cabo Mercado Organico to sample the seasonal harvest and view local products for sale.

Other days of the week, follow Boulevard Mijares to the Estero San José and Playa California looking for birds and other coastal wildlife around the estuary. Alternatively, drive or cab to Playa Costa Azul with your beach gear. Rent a surfboard or take a lesson from an instructor at the Costa Azul Surf Shop. Spend the middle of the day splashing in the waves. And when you get hungry, walk up to the palapa restaurant and order a plate of tacos and a limonada natural at Zippers.

Head back to your hotel in the afternoon for a siesta and a break from the sun. Plan a late lunch or early dinner at Flora Farms (reservations recommended). Sign up in advance for an informative tour of the farm and gardens before you dine. Savor the local flavors—from carrot and beet margaritas to roast chicken and homemade pasta dishes. Stay to enjoy the live music, or head back to town for the weekly Art Walk (Thursdays only), when galleries stay open late serving tastes of wine and tequila. When the galleries close, the party moves to the Baja Brewing Company until late.

Excerpted from the Ninth Edition of Moon Los Cabos.

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  1. Ida says:

    We are planning our trip to San Jose in the middle of December but are nervous about new information and or the lack of info after the devastating hurricane in October. Do you know where to look via Internet about current events and info? Thank in advance for you time reading this:).

    • Carrie Hirsch says:

      Hi Ida,

      Fortunately, it looks like Los Cabos is recovering after the hurricane. You might start here for general information about the hurricane, cleanup efforts, and airport and resort re-opening schedules. We’ve also contacted Nikki to find out if she has any additional resources that might be helpful to you.

      • Nikki Goth Itoi says:

        Hi Ida,
        I’m not in the area now, but close friends tell me the rebuilding efforts are well underway. Most of the major infrastructure should be functional but there is likely to be a lot of construction going on throughout the region. Also, there are reports of more bugs than usual after all the rain, so definitely pack repellant! At the airport, only Terminal 2 is operational so there may be some rerouting of arrivals and ground transportation. On the plus side, all the rain means the desert will be beautiful, and the water is still warm. You might consider staying along the East Cape, which was not as severely damaged. Some online places for road reports and other updates include bajainsider, baja nomad, and Also Los Cabos Tourism on Facebook has some info. Have fun!