Root vegetables on a table at the Honolulu farmers market.

Fresh produce at the Saturday farmers market in Honolulu. Photo © Jason Walsh, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.

Honolulu has a rich farm-to-table restaurant culture, and given the popularity of farmers markets it’s easy for anyone can get on board to try fresh local produce and prepared foods. If you’re staying in a vacation rental, farmers markets in Honolulu are a great way to stock the kitchen with delicious eats and also support the local economy.

If a small fridge and microwave are the best you have, you can still take advantage of fresh produce and anything ready-to-eat. Farmers markets are fun to check out even if grocery shopping isn’t on the to-do list; the casual, lively atmosphere of people enjoying themselves, the array of local goods to browse, and the chance for a fresh, healthy snack on the go make for a great outing.

Check out these farmers markets in Honolulu:

  • KCC Farmers Market: 4303 Diamond Head Rd., Kapi‘olani Community College Parking Lot C, 4pm-7pm Tuesday, 7:30am-11am Saturday
  • Honolulu @ Night:- 777 Ward Ave., Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall, 4pm-7pm Wednesday
  • Kaka‘ako Makai Community Cultural Marketplace: corner of Ilalo and Ahui Sts., 4:30pm-8pm Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday
  • Manoa Marketplace: 2752 Woodlawn Dr., 7pm-11pm Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday

For more about farmers markets in Hawaii, see the listings at the state’s Agricultural Development Division website.

Excerpted from the First Edition of Moon Hawaiian Islands.