Chinatown is the home of Honolulu’s art scene, and there are nearly 20 art galleries that support and promote the local artists comprising Honolulu’s art community. The best way to expierence the wealth of art here is to wander the neighbourhood and visit whichever galleries and centers catch your eye. Here are a few unique locations to whet your creative appetite.

A performer on stage at the Ong King Art Center in Honolulu.

The Ong King Art Center encourages creative risk taking. Photo © Amber Crago, courtesy of Ong King Art Center.

The ARTS at Marks Garage (1159 Nuuanu Ave., 808/521-2903, 11am-6pm Tues.-Sat.) is the heartbeat of Chinatown’s art scene. With 12 major exhibits and performances, lectures, screenings, and workshops, Marks has transformed the Chinatown community through the arts.

Ong King Art Center (184 N. King St.) has carved out a niche for performance art. Whether it be through spoken word, poetry, live music, or visual art, Ong King encourages creative risk taking.

Pegge Hopper (1164 Nuuanu Ave., 808/524-1160, 11am-4pm Tues.-Fri., 11am-3pm Sat.) has been a mainstay in Chinatown since 1983. Her gallery features her own work, including her famous paintings and drawings of Hawaiian women, as well as that of guest artists.

Map of Honolulu's Chinatown

Honolulu Chinatown

Excerpted from the First Edition of Moon Hawaiian Islands.