Andy Steves budget travel tools

The days of relying on travel agents and hunting down elusive deals are over. Check out these seven budget travel tools to city-hop and save, just like Andy Steves!

Flight Search Engines,, and Google Flights are my go-to websites. I do the same search across all of them to see what comes back to me. I keep my searches as wide open and as flexible as possible, because you never know what sort of options might pop up. Once I find the flight I like, I’ll book directly with that airline rather than going through a middleman service like eDreams.


Another flight tool app that lets you set up price alerts, Hopper gives you visual representations of when the right time to buy is.

TripAdvisor & Yelp

Crowdsourcing apps such as TripAdvisor and Yelp give you great tips for sights, restaurants, nightlife venues, and more. Take their advice with a grain of salt because anyone can get on there and say anything they want, regardless of expertise in the subject.


My favorite app to keep all my travel arrangements organized in one place and available offline is Tripit. I can access flight confirmation information, terminal, departure time, airport info, and more in this handy, free app.

Airbnb & Hostelworld

Airbnb and Hostelworld are easy-to-use accommodation-booking apps and websites. Although their popularity is driving prices up for consumers, they’re still a better deal than most hotels.

Uber & Other Taxi Apps

Skip the headache of worrying if you’re being ripped off by cabbies on longer routes or fraudulent meters. Load up your card to the app so you can leave your cash and wallet in your pocket. Uber works in most European cities now.


CityMaps2Go is a vast resource of city maps which you can download and access offline, a godsend when trying to navigate a new city without Wi-Fi or data.

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