Jatun Sacha volunteers can choose from sites in the Amazonian or Coastal rainforest, Andean forest, or on the Galapagos Islands.

Volunteer with Jatun Sacha in Ecuador

Jatun Sacha (JS) is a self-sustaining nonprofit organization that owns and maintains five private nature reserves working closely with communities to “promote the conservation of Ecuador’s biodiversity”. Volunteers work eight-hour days and can choose from sites in the Amazonian or Coastal rainforest, Andean forest, or on the Galapagos Islands.

Volunteer tasks can include releasing sea turtle hatchlings to the ocean and keeping records of turtle activities.

Volunteer with Associacion Conservacionista de Playa Malena, Panama

Panama’s Associacion Conservacionista de Playa Malena is a nonprofit group of community volunteers dedicated to the protection of the beach and its wildlife. While all are welcome, volunteers aren’t accepted outside turtle season, as much of the work focuses on protecting nesting sea turtles during hatching season.

Volunteers are rewarded with spectacular scenery of snowy mountains and herds of guanacos.

Volunteer with Conservación Patagonica in Chile

Conservación Patagonica’s volunteer program in Chile runs November-April, and volunteers come for three-week stints, camping and backpacking in the field. The work is focused on trail building, ecosystem restoration, and perfect for anyone looking to rough it with purpose.

Volunteers with FBE can help with habitat preservation on the Galapagos Islands.

Volunteer with Foundation Bolivar Education in Ecuador

Foundation Bolivar Education (FBE, Ecuador Volunteers) is a Quito-based organization that facilitates volunteer opportunities all across Ecuador. Their work is focused on community development and the environment, and volunteers have a chance to study Spanish at FBE’s affiliated schools.

Macaws enjoying the clay lick at the Tambopata Research Center in Peru.

Volunteer with Tambopata Macaw Project in Peru

The Tambopata Macaw Project (TMP) is a long-term research project on the ecology and conservation of macaws and parrots in the lowlands of southeastern Peru. Short-term volunteers (12-30 days) are trained to identify all the local parrots by sight and become experts at clay lick monitoring and macaw nest observation with video camera systems.

Guatemalan women hand weaving on a loom.

Volunteer with TRAMA Textiles in Guatemala

TRAMA Textiles is a women’s weaving association in Guatemala’s second city. Their mission is to “create work for fair wages for the women of Guatemala”. There’s no minimum time commitment for volunteers, but you can take on more complex projects with a longer stay, and if your Spanish skills need polishing, there are many language schools in the city.

Panoramic view of the town of La Esperanza, Honduras.

Volunteer with El Maestro en Casa in Honduras

Founded with the assistance of a retired secondary school teacher from the United States, El Maestro en Casa is a program that serves the rural poor. Volunteers who can commit to 2.5 months may work as academic teachers or in outreach, teaching classes in basic English, computers, art, music, crafts, and practical skills such as bicycle mechanics or cooking, but there are opportunities for shorter-term volunteers as well.

View down a street of a church tower in historic Cartagena, Colombia.

Volunteer with Casa de Cultura de la Boquilla, Colombia

La Boquilla’s Casa de Cultura (cultural center) seeks volunteers to teach English to locals working in tourism or related fields. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their ideas for children’s arts and crafts projects to the Casa de Cultura, with training is done by previous volunteers.

The Urubamba river valley in Peru.

Volunteer with Kiya Survivors in Peru

Kiya Survivors, based in Urubamba (an indigenous village in the valley of the same name near Cusco, Peru) is dedicated to children and youth with special needs. Volunteers receive a two-day training session, might work with practical needs or if they’re interested and skilled, help Kiya’s therapy team.