Clear green ocean water and a strip of white beach in West Bay.

Dispatch from Roatan: A Fond Farewell to Honduras

In Amy E. Robertson’s four and a half years in Honduras, she visited plenty of beaches, and would be hard pressed to name one she didn’t like. But this trip was different. It was her family’s farewell to Honduras, and they wanted everything to be perfect.

Father and daughter climb the steps of a Mayan temple.

Making Our Way Through the Mundo Maya

Amy E. Robertson and her family are leaving Honduras next month after nearly five years. They had struggled to figure out what vacation destination merited their final hurrah, and they finally decided to visit one of Amy’s bucket list destinations: Tikal.

Moon Spotlight Honduras Bay Islands

Moon Spotlight Honduras Bay Islands is a 65-page compact guide covering the best of the Bay Islands. Travel writers Chris Humphrey and Amy E. Robertson offer their firsthand advice on what you shouldn’t miss, and sightseeing highlights maps make planning your time easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, […]

Honduran Unrest: An Insider’s Perspective, Part 3

A midnight curfew, soldiers and police throughout the city, and graffiti-covered buildings are all signs of the recent unrest in Honduras. Amy E. Robertson reflects on the atmosphere in Tegucigalpa and why now may actually be a surprisingly good time for a Caribbean escape.

Honduran Unrest: An Insider’s Perspective, Part 2

After hearing the news of the Honduran military blocking the runway with soldiers and equipment to prevent ousted president “Mel” Zelaya from landing at Toncontín Airport in the Honduran capital, Amy E. Robertson realized she wouldn’t be able to fly to Tegucigalpa from Seattle the next day. With the current political unrest in Honduras, getting home became a little more complicated for Amy and her family.