National Parks in the Dominican Republic

In an effort to preserve the ecosystems of the Dominican Republic, 16 national parks, nine natural monuments, and six scientific reserves have been created. Here is an overview of some of the country’s notable parks.

The 12-Day Best of the Dominican Republic

If you can swing it, 10–14 days in the Dominican Republic would give you sufficient time to dive into each of the various regions. With such biodiversity in one country, you may be surprised to discover just how wide the spectrum of activities ranges. This 12-day itinerary is for someone who is active and excited to dig into the nature and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Moon Dominican Republic

Holding dual Dominican and U.S. citizenship, Ana Chavier Caamaño offers her best insider’s tips along with a tourist perspective in Moon Dominican Republic. Caamaño covers the best of the Dominican Republic, including coverage of Cabarete, Las Galeras, Sosua, the Taino ruins, and Santo Domingo. Caamaño also offers intriguing sidebars about Dominicanisms, cockfights, the curse of […]