Margherita Pizza with bubbling cheese on a pan.

Finding Pizza Nirvana in Nashville

A recent weekend trip to Nashville, TN led Jen Rios-Burns to the most delicious pizza she’d ever tasted outside of Italy, and of course she had to share this find with our readers.

A man in a blue shirt stands out front the Los Dos Pedros taqueria.

San Diego Taqueria Tour

Jen Rios-Burns likes to consider herself a bit of a taqueria connoisseur, and one of the highlights of her recent trip to San Diego was the taqueria tour she embarked on with her husband during their visit. For those of you looking to explore some of the best (and most wallet-friendly) Mexican grub in San Diego, here are three places they loved. Enjoy!

Square-cut slices of potato, mozzarella, and rosemary pizza.

Roman Holiday: Visiting Rome, Italy

One of the best things about traveling is encountering new things—and Jen Rios-Burns uncovered plenty of new discoveries during her vacation in Rome. Here’s her list of the ten things she loved the most.

The Growing Trend of Moving Abroad

Each year, thousands of Americans make the life-changing decision to move abroad either to work or retire—and if the trend stays the same, 2010 will be no different. In fact, the number of Americans moving abroad may even increase.

View looking out across the lights of the Vegas Strip at night.

Top-Ten Budget Travel Destinations for 2010

Are you ready to travel in the New Year, but not sure your wallet is quite as ready? Have no fear—our friends at have announced their top-ten budget-friendly travel destinations for 2010, and the list is exciting and diverse.

Palm trees and sculpted geometric pools at a seaside resort.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Jen Rios-Burns, our Online Marketing Manager, discusses her wonderful trip to Cancun with her husband. Their vacation was filled with plenty of sunshine, warm beaches, breathtaking sunsets, plenty of eating and drinking, and good friends—and even though it was hard to leave, she knows she’ll be back someday.

Cancún Bound

Jen Rios-Burns and her husband are headed to Cancun next week for a wedding, and she can hardly wait! Her father is from Mexico, and she has long wanted to explore this amazing country.