Jodee Krainik

Get Your Bay Area Hike On This Spring

Hikers who take advantage of Bay Area trails this spring will see rare wildflowers and centuries-old virgin redwoods, surf crashing against miles of coastal bluffs, waterfalls, summits, big-leaf maples, and more. Ann Marie Brown has compiled a list representing some of the best hikes for activities like wildlife-watching, backpacking, and exploring waterfalls in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Not Your Typical Walk in the Park

Ann Marie Brown wasn’t kidding when she gave Yosemite’s Half Dome a “very strenuous” rating in Moon Yosemite. Mostly everything you’ve ever heard about Half Dome is true. It’s arduous, yes. It’s grueling, yes. It’s risky, yes. Even with all this, you may ask, is ascending Half Dome really worth it? To that, our publicist Jodee Krainik gives a resounding YES!

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Moon Cuba: A Sure Thing

What happens when you pit four Cuba guides from Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Rough Guides, and Moon (obviously our favorite) against each other? One guide always seems to outshine the rest. After a rigorous round of comparison testing and assessments on important guidebook components, popular adventure travel site Gadling let the cat out of the bag when it declared, “Moon [Cuba] is a sure thing.”

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