A man sells items to passengers on the Seoul metro.

Understanding South Korean Customs and Etiquette

The basic Korean rules of conduct could almost be viewed as opposite to the Western ones. Read on to develop an understanding of how Korean customs and day-to-day etiquette differs from what most Western travelers or hopeful expats are accustomed to.

moon living abroad in south korea cover featuring a narrow pedestrian street

Moon Living Abroad in South Korea

Jonathan Hopfner has made the move to South Korea—twice. His experience as a journalist, investor, and homeowner has taught Jonathan the ins and outs of living in South Korea—from the banking and business realities, to the immigration and business procedures. It is this firsthand experience and advice that Jonathan brings to Moon Living Abroad in […]

Seeking Seoul with Jonathan Hopfner

Moon Living Abroad in South Korea author Jonathan Hopfner discusses the must-see site for business travelers on a tight schedule, his top three dining suggestions for food aficionados, and more in this Q&A.

moon seoul cover featuring a man with an umbrella

Moon Seoul

Journalist Jonathan Hopfner gives travelers the benefit of his firsthand experience as a Seoul resident, providing unique insight into the many sides of this bustling city. Hopfner outlines entertaining travel strategies for exploring Seoul, including A Walk Through History, Nature in the City Limits, and Seoul with Children. From where to find the best-tasting and […]

Several skyscrapers jut up dockside and a long bridge goes out over the water.

Excursions from Seoul

Seoul can be a captivating place, but it’s always a good idea to set aside some time for a trip outside the capital if possible. South Korea’s hyper-efficient transport network makes venturing farther afield easy, and there are a number of destinations within a day’s reach of the city that would warrant far longer journeys.