View of a portafilter streaming espresso into a pair of glass cups.

On Coffee Culture Between the U.S. and Europe

Order a latte in Rome and be prepared to get a glass of milk. 
Order a café au lait “to go” in Paris and it will be given to you in an 8 oz. plastic cup. Our intern explains the differences between ordering a cup of coffee in America and in Europe.

“Pulling a Hemingway”: The Idea of Living Abroad

In light of the current economy and unpromising job market, many people are turning to the idea of living abroad because they’re more encouraged to make this change knowing that they’re not missing out on many job opportunities if they leave—in other words, riding out the recession as an expatriate. This seems to be an attractive venture for young people in particular, especially recent college graduates. Our intern, Sam Lugtu, discusses the possibility of moving abroad.

Napa Valley on a “Semi-Funemployed” Budget

In an aim to explore her own backyard, our intern Sam Lugtu consulted Moon California’s Wine Country section. She had previously been to the Napa Valley with family, but those visits were mostly parent-funded. So along with a friend, she decided to tackle Napa on her own terms, using her own wallet.