Vintage photo of man standing facing away at the start of an elaborate Versailles hall.

Google’s Art Project Brings the Museum to You

Stuck at home in deep thundersnow? Google can help you break the monotony. Yesterday Google launched its new Art Project, which combines its Street View technology controls with inside views—literally—of 17 major art museums from around the world.

A pulled pork sandwich with side of sauce.

On Barbecue

When searching for a tasty photo to accompany an article about South Carolina-style barbecue, our Marketing Technologies Director, Sarah Juckniess, was clueless. She knew enough about barbecue to identify a few famous regions and to be aware that there are specific, identifiable, controversial differences between them, but that’s where she got a little fuzzy.

Grainy vintage photo of a sailboat on the ocean with land visible in the distance.

Time Travel: Nostalgic Glimpses Into Decades Past

The Library of Congress’ American Memory archives posts a “Today in History” section with historical facts, images, and bits of narrative text. Combined, they offer a daily, often-nostalgic glimpse into the sights, sounds, and travels of decades past.

Cover of Moon Atlantic Canada, 5th ed. featuring two pairs of puffins standing on rocks.

Our Absolute Favorite Covers (For Now)

When Sarah Juckniess asked the office staff last Friday to name their favorite Moon guidebook cover, someone immediately retorted, “That’s like asking a mom to name her favorite kid!” But that’s exactly what we did—played temporary favorites among books with which we’ve lived and breathed, and to which we’ve become quite attached. Here are our top three Favorite Moon Covers (and a few other favorites), as determined by popular vote.