Moon Arizona

Eleventh Edition, May 2011
Pages: 448

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ISBN: 9781598807318

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Freelance writer and news reporter Tim Hull offers up the best of Arizona, from rafting down the Colorado River to exploring the art galleries of Sedona. Tim includes creative trip strategies, such as Driving the History of Arizona and Feel the Heat: A Romantic Summer Weekend in Phoenix. As an Arizona native, Tim guides travelers to the Grand Canyon State’s best-kept secrets, including “sky islands,” small woodlands found on mountain ranges in the Sonoran desert. Explore Red Rock Country, visit the Navajo Nation, and hike in the Grand Canyon—Moon Arizona gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon Arizona

Enjoy the very best of Arizona with these itineraries:
  • A Grand Road Trip
  • Feel the Heat: A Hot Summer Weekend
  • The Ruins of Lost Cultures
  • Back to the Old West
  • Sky Island Hopping
  • Arizona’s Scenic Byways
  • A Grand Canyon Family Adventure
  • A Week in the Forest
Explore what Arizona has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

  • Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun
  • The White Mountains and the Gila Valley
  • Tucson and Southern Arizona including the Santa Cruz Valley, The Border Region, and The Cochise Trail
  • Flagstaff and North-Central Arizona including Flagstaff and Vicinity, Prescott, The Verde Valley, Sedona, and Red Rock Country
  • Navajo and Hopi Country including The Navajo Nation, Hopi, and The High Desert
  • The Grand Canyon and the Arizona Strip including Getaways to the Canyon, The South Rim, The North Rim, The Inner Canyon, Grand Canyon West, and The Arizona Strip
  • The Lower Colorado River including Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Kingman and Vicinity, Bullhead City and Laughlin, Lake Havasu City and Vicinity, Yuma and Vicinity

Born on a U.S. Air Force base in South Carolina, Tim Hull was brought to Arizona when he was just six months old and has since left only rarely. He grew up in Prescott, a small town in the state’s north-central pinelands, where his mother’s family has lived since the 1870s. He graduated from Arizona State University and has traveled extensively throughout the Southwest and Mexico.

Currently, Tim is a freelance writer based in Tucson, Arizona. He has been a staff writer and editor for Green Valley News in southern Arizona’s Santa Cruz Valley and Inside Tucson Business. He has also written for Tucson Weekly, High Country News,, and various other publications and websites. His fiction writing has been published in Santa Monica Review, Blue Mesa Review, and other arts journals. Tim is also the author of Moon Tucson.