moon california beaches cover featuring a close up of two surf boards on the roof of a car

Moon California Beaches

The Best Places to Swim, Play, Eat, and Stay

By and
Fourth Edition, August 2009
Pages: 576

Price: $21.95 USD
ISBN: 9781566916141

Parke Puterbaugh and Alan Bisbort, two self-described “beach bums,” have written nearly a million words on the subject of beaches and boast that they have “visited more beaches more often in the continental United States than anyone else.” It is very fitting then that the two have collaborated on this new edition of Moon California Beaches, covering all aspects of enjoying the Golden States’ famous coastline, including where to eat, play, tan, and even—should it ever happen—what to do on a rainy day. Puterbaugh and Bishort leave no stretch of sand uncovered, from the warm beaches of San Diego to the rugged, tree-lines coves of the Lost Coast. With straightforward advice, a large dose of humor, and revealing first-hand encounters with California culture at its finest, Moon California Beaches gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon California Beaches

Check out the best places to swim, play, eat, and stay in:
    • San Diego Coast
    • Orange County
    • Los Angeles Coast
    • Ventura Coast
    • Santa Barbara Coast
    • Pismo Beach and the Central Coast
    • Big Sur and Monterey
    • Santa Cruz Coast
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Point Reyes and Marin County
    • Sonoma Coast
    • Mendocino Coast
    • The Redwood Empire

Alan Bisbort is a writer, editor, and researcher who has authored or coauthored nearly 20 books of history, biography, travel, and poetry, and contributed to numerous other books. He has worked for the Library of Congress, on staff or on contract, since 1977. As a freelance journalist, he is a regular contributor to The New York Times, the Hartford and Valley Advocates, Yale Environment Journal, Yale Medicine, Connecticut, American Politics Journal, AMP and Ugly Things. His work has also appeared in The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, American Way, Los Angeles Times, City Paper, Creem, Biblio and Washingtonian. Though Alan lives on the East Coast, he has spent a great deal of time in California over the past ten years, researching three previous editions of California Beaches with Parke Puterbaugh. Since high school, he has also been guilty of unrepentant California dreaming. Alan lives near New Haven, Connecticut with his wife, the award-winning journalist Tracey O’Shaughnessy, their son Paul James, and their ageless dog, Sam.

Parke Puterbaugh is the author, coauthor, or editor of nine books, including a volume on wetlands for the US Environmental Protection Agency and two books on the music and culture of the 1960s. He is a former senior editor and longtime contributor to Rolling Stone magazine. His writing has also appeared in USA Today, Outside, Men’s Journal, Stereo Review, and many other national publications. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Parke holds bachelor’s degrees in English and sociology and a master’s degree in environmental science, with an emphasis on the study of shorelines. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife Carol and daughter Hayley.