Moon Chesapeake Bay

Second Edition, March 2008
Pages: 304

Price: $18.95 USD
ISBN: 9781566919289

Seasoned travel writer Joanne Miller provides expert advice on exploring the Chesapeake Bay, from re-visiting the past at Colonial Williamsburg to soaking up the sun at Virginia Beach. Joanne includes unique trip ideas for a wide range of travelers, such as History on the Bay and Exploring the Eastern Shore.

Packed with information on dining, transportation, and accommodations, Moon Chesapeake Bay has lots of options for a range of travel budgets. Every Moon guidebook includes recommendations for must-see sights and many regional, area, and city-centered maps. Offering endless options, from a day of family fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg to a boat trip through the waterways of the upper Necks, Moon Chesapeake Bay gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

With expert writers, first-rate strategic advice, and an essential dose of humor, Moon Handbooks are the cure for the common trip.

What’s inside Moon Chesapeake Bay

Enjoy the very best of Chesapeake Bay with these itineraries:
    • The Best of the Chesapeake Bay
    • The Great Outdoors
    • The Bay for Families
    • The Bay for Boaters
Explore what Chesapeake Bay has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

    • Baltimore
    • Southern Maryland including Annapolis, Greater Anne Arundel County, Solomons, Twin Beaches, Greater Calvert County, and St. Mary’s County
    • The Necks and the Historic Peninsula including Northern Neck, Middle Neck, Williamsburg, and The Greater Historic Peninsula
    • Hampton Roads including Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk and Vicinity, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Vicinity, Virginia Beach and Vicinity
    • Eastern Shore, Virginia including Cape Charles and Vicinity, Onancock and Vicinity, Tangier Island, Chincoteague, and Assateague Island
    • Eastern Shore, Maryland including Crisfield, Smith Island, Greater Somerset County, Salisbury, Greater Wicomico County, Cambridge, Greater Dorchester County, St. Michaels, Tilghman Island, Oxford, Easton, Greater Talkbot County, Wye Island and Vicinity, and Greater Queen Anee’s County
    • The Upper Bay including Chestertown, Rock Hall, Greater Kent County, Chesapeake City, North East, Greater Cecil County, Havre de Grace, Greater Harford County, and Greater Baltimore County

One of Joanne Miller’s earliest memories is of being lulled by the hum of car wheels as she gazed out the window of a wine-colored Oldsmobile; the scenery changed from dense forests to cornfields to dry plains. Her father, a freelance photographer, was taking pictures in the U.S. National Parks System for National Geographic. By age 10 she had visited every state in the lower 48.

Comic books made interesting companions on the road, and “travel” became synonymous with “adventure”, all in an easy-to-follow four-color format. While camping in a musty tent in New Mexico, Joanne followed Scrooge McDuck to the south Pacific, climbed Egypt’s pyramids, and hoisted sail with Huey, Dewey and Louie alongside Jason’s Argonauts. An appreciation of fine literature followed, in the form of Classics Illustrated —MacBeth was a terrific ghost story. By the time Joanne was reading books with more words than pictures, she had written and illustrated one of her own: a primer on How to Do Everything Right. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

After surviving her know-it-all teen’s, and adding Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, England, and Canada to her list of been-there’s, Joanne first glimpsed the mighty Chesapeake. After securing a B.A. in anthropology, she crossed Mexico, and traveled up the eastern states through the Necks of Virginia, along the coast of America’s largest estuary. In the following years, she lived in the mid-Atlantic, visiting the Tidewater to crack crabs in Virginia Beach and indulge in fantasies of powdered wigs in colonial Williamsburg.

She continues to live and write her own adventures in full color, whether it’s watching the fiery sun set under full sail near St. Michaels, dodging feisty crabs on Smith Island’s oyster-shell roads, or feeling the burn while climbing Baltimore’s Washington Monument. Every place has its story, and Joanne makes the landscape come alive through words and pictures.

She is the author of Moon Pennsylvania and Moon Maryland & Delaware and is a frequent contributor to Writer’s Market and Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market.