moon chiapas cover featuring a man hiking next to a small waterfall

Moon Chiapas

By and
First Edition, October 2009
Pages: 264

Price: $17.95 USD
ISBN: 9781598802429

Spouses and writing partners, Liza Prado and Gary Chandler cover the best of Chiapas—from the ruins of Palenque to San Cristóbal de las Casas, one of Mexico’s most charming colonial cities. Prado and Chandler include unique trip ideas for a variety of travelers, such as Eco-tour of Chiapas and Colonial Towns and Missions. Including expert advice on the best plaza cafés, rugged forest hikes, and where to experience Mayan arts and culture, Moon Chiapas gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon Chiapas

Enjoy the very best of Chiapas with these itineraries:
    • The Best of Chiapas
    • Pyramids and Palaces
    • Living Maya
    • A Two-Week Ecotour
    • Water Works
    • Off the Beaten Path
    • Colonial Chiapas
    • Churchgoing Chiapas
Explore what Chiapas has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

    • San Cristobal de las Casas and Vicinity
    • Palenque including Palenque Archaeological Zone and Town, Along the Rio Tulijia, and Ocosingo
    • The Rio Usumacinta Valley including Along the Carretera Fronteriza, Bonampak Archaeological Zone, and Yaxchilan Archaeological Zone
    • The Lakes Region including Comitan and Vicinity, and Eastern Chiapas
    • Tuxtla Gutierrez including Chiapa de Corzo and Ruta Zoque
    • The Pacific Coast including Tonala, Puerto Arista, Pijijiapan, Barra de Zacapulco, Tapachula and Vicinity
Resources include a Spanish Phrasebook, Spanish Glossary, and Tzotzil Maya Glossary

Liza Prado was working as a corporate attorney in San Francisco when she decided to take a leap of faith and try travel writing and photography. Seven years later, she has coauthored 11 guidebooks and written numerous feature stories and travel blogs to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her photographs have been featured in various guidebooks and on travel websites such as Home&Abroad and

While researching this book, Liza explored one of her favorite destinations in the world—Chiapas, Mexico. She traveled by combi, car, bike, bus, and boat, to cover the gems of the state—colonial towns and indigenous villages, mangrove reserves and rainforests, Maya ruins and coffee fincas, hidden waterways and mist-drenched waterfalls—all with a toddler in tow.

A graduate of Brown University and Stanford Law School, Liza currently lives in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico with her husband and frequent coauthor Gary Chandler, and their daughter Eva Quetzal.

Gary Chandler grew up in a small ski town south of Lake Tahoe, CA. He earned his bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley and spent a year abroad in Mexico City and Oaxaca. After graduation, Gary backpacked through much of Mexico and Central America, and later through Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. His first guidebook assignment was covering the highlands of Guatemala, followed by assignments in El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere.

Gary has contributed to more than twenty guidebooks in all, many coauthored with wife and fellow travel writer/photographer Liza Prado. The ninth edition of their Moon Yucatán Peninsula received a Journey Award for Best Guide Book from Adventure Journey Magazine in 2007. Between assignments, Gary has earned a masters degree in journalism at Columbia University, worked as a newspaper and radio reporter, and published numerous articles and blogs about travel in Latin America. Gary, Liza, and their daughter Eva Quetzal live in southern Mexico.