Moon Florida RV Camping

First Edition, October 2006
Pages: 490

Price: $22.95 USD
ISBN: 9781566919883

Check your tires, fill up the gas tank, and head out to discover the best RV camping in Florida. Whether you’re bringing the kids, pets, or recreational equipment, you’ll find the perfect RV park or campground in a range of options selected by expert Marilyn Moore. Whether you are looking for a beachfront, a natural springs, or an island retreat, this is your guide to RVing in Florida.

Features include:

  • Helpful descriptions outlining campground features such as wheelchair access, drive-through sites, and power hookups
  • A variety of RV parks, including those near beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, hot springs, and urban areas
  • Author’s Picks, including Best Fishing, Best Wildlife-Viewing, and Best Beaches
  • Precise driving directions and information on fees and reservation policies

Marilyn Moore has been camping and fooling around in the outdoors most of her life. During the years of research for this book, she covered 10,000 miles without ever leaving the state of Florida, burned out a Chevy Suburban’s transmission, and wore out the axle on a camper. At one point Marilyn’s children, Andrea and T.J., announced that they never wanted to see another campground for as long as they lived. Fortunately, they got over it.

Moore is the editor of special projects for Miami-based Latin Trade magazine. She is a longtime contributor to several nationally published travel guides, business publications, newspapers, and magazines. She is also the author of Moon Florida Camping.