Moon Glacier National Park

Fourth Edition, May 2013
Pages: 336

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ISBN: 9781612383248

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Writer, editor, and avid outdoorswoman Becky Lomax offers an insider’s perspective on Glacier National Park, where she once worked shredding lettuce in the kitchen so she could hike the park’s nearly 300 miles of park trails during her free time. From hiking through multi-color meadows filled with wildflowers to observing the Sperry Glacier, a victim of global warming that will vanish in less than two decades, Lomax knows the best ways to enjoy the park’s one million acres of wilderness. She also includes unique trip strategies for travelers with specific interests and restrictions, including a Wildlife-Watching tour and a whirlwind One Day in Glacier tour. Whether it’s biking up Going-to-the-Sun Road or watching a grizzly forage in huckleberries, Moon Glacier National Park gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon Glacier National Park

Enjoy the very best of Glacier National Park with these itineraries:
    • Best of Glacier National Park
    • Stepping in Historic Footprints
    • Fun for Kids
    • The Geologic Landscape
    • Glaciers: Up Close and Personal
    • Wildlife-Watching Hot Spots
    • Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls
    • Top 10 Days Hikes
Explore what Glacier National Park has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

    • West Glacier and Apgar
    • North Fork
    • Going-to-the-Sun Road
    • St. Mary and Many Glacier
    • Two Medicine and East Glacier
    • Marias Pass and Essex
    • Waterton
    • Flathead Valley including Bigfork, Columbia, Kalispell, and Whitefish

Becky Lomax was three years old when her parents took her to stay with friends in Glacier. After that, she was hooked—the park lured her back again and again.

During college, Becky worked two summers in the Glacier Park Lodge kitchen, sitting in the walk-in cooler on hot days to peel carrots. Her wages were converted promptly to backpacking gear, including boots that tread more than 300 miles of the park’s paths that first summer.

After working as a high school English teacher for many years outside Seattle, Becky decided to return to the park she loved so much. She and her husband moved to the town adjacent to Glacier, where she worked for a decade as a hiking and backpacking guide, leading many first-time Glacier visitors to her favorite haunts—Gunsight Pass, Fifty Mountain, and Cosley Lake. She also served on staff at Granite Park Chalet, reveling in seeing wolverines and bagging the peaks nearby in her free time.

Currently, Becky works as the western editor for, reporting on the news for ski resorts. She writes frequently for regional newspapers and magazines as well, and has published stories in national travel magazines, including Smithsonian and Backpacker.

Becky lives with her husband in Whitefish, Montana.