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Moon Idaho

Seventh Edition, April 2016
Pages: 448

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ISBN: 9781631210150

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Seasoned food, wine, and travel writer James P. Kelly offers his unique perspective on this remarkable travel destination, from free Wednesday night concerts at The Grove in Boise to the bizarre rock outcroppings of the Magic Valley. Kelly uses his local knowledge to craft original trip ideas, including Five Days of Fun in the Sawtooths, Birding in Idaho, and Exploring Backcountry Hot Springs. Complete with details on skiing Silver Mountain, exploring McCall’s numerous hot springs, and noshing on contemporary Northwest fare in downtown Nampa, Moon Idaho gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon Idaho

Enjoy the very best of Idaho with these itineraries:
  • The Best of Idaho
  • Gem State Festivals
  • Wine Country Weekend
  • Avian Adventure
  • Rest and Recreation in Southeast Idaho
  • The Quest for Perfect Powder
  • High Country Odyssey
Explore what Idaho has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

  • Boise
  • Southwest Idaho including Snake River Valley Wine Country, U.S. 95: North to Weiser, Owyhee Mountains, Canyonlands, and The Lowman Loop
  • Magic Valley including The West Side, Haderman Valley, Twin Falls, North of the Snake River, South of the Snake River, and Mini-Cassia Country
  • Southeast Idaho including Massacre Rocks to American Falls, Pocatello and Vicinity, South to Utah, U.S. 30 to Bear Lake Country, Idaho Falls and Vicinity, U.S. 26 to Wyoming, Teton Basin, U.S. 20 to West Yellowstone, and Lava Land
  • Sawtooth Country and Beyond including Anderson Ranch Reservoir to Atlanta, Camas Prairie and the Soldier Mountains, Bellevue and Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Yankee Fork Country, Salmon and Vicinity, Basin and Range Country
  • North-Central Idaho including Cascade and Vicinity, McCall and Vicinity, The Hells Canyon Corridor, Grangeville and Vicinity, lewiston and Vicinity, Clearwater Country, Lewis and Clark Highway, Moscow and Vicinity, and Across the Palouse
  • The Panhandle including Coeur d’Alene and Vicinity, The Silver Valley, U.S. 95 to Lake Pend Orielle, Sandpoint and Vicinity, HIghway 200: Pend Orielle Scenic Byway, Priest Lake, and North to Canada

Boise resident James P. Kelly has loved big mountains ever since his childhood in Seattle. As a restless teenager, he spent countless hours in the North Cascades exploring alpine lakes and trails beat-out by miners’ boots.

Before moving to Idaho in 2000, James had only traveled through the Gem State on his way to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and the Dakotas. He eventually returned to live in this land of rugged mountains, mystical deserts, and vodka-clear trout streams. To help seal the deal, he even married a third-generation Idahoan, Dana, who he proposed to while hiking in the Trinity Mountains.

“Right before I asked her, some Peruvian sheepherders on pack mules passed by on the trail, followed by two good ol’ boys on motorbikes. One of them had an axe bungeed to his handlebars,” James recalls. “I thought it was all over for us, but the axe had just fallen off one of the mules and they were returning it to its rightful owner.”

James, a former chef, earned a journalism degree from Boise State University before becoming the restaurant critic at the Idaho Statesman. He has written numerous food and travel-related features for Northwest Palate and other magazines and websites.

When not hanging out in his vegetable garden with his wife and two kids, Nolan and Audra, James can be found snowshoeing to backcountry yurts, foraging for morels, catching big trout, and dining in Sun Valley restaurants.