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Second Edition, January 2015
Pages: 480

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Moon Istanbul & the Turkish Coast

Including Cappadocia

This full-color guide to Istanbul and the Turkish coast includes vibrant photos and easy-to-use maps to help with trip planning.

Over its 8,000-year history, Turkey’s crown jewel has won the hearts of emperors and sultans. Today, Istanbul is a lively meeting place of East and West, religious and secular, traditional and modern. From the golden sands of the Mediterranean’s beaches to the the world-class shopping and dining of Istanbul’s charming neighborhoods; from the sublime hills of the the Turquoise Coast’s Lycian Way to the architectural marvels of the Thracian Peninsula: this is the trip of a lifetime.

In Moon Istanbul & the Turkish Coast, expert traveler Leeann Murphy tells you everything you need to know to make this trip possible.
Experience the life of the city by wandering the Grand Bazaar and sampling authentic Turkish coffee and mazes.

  • Appreciate Istanbul’s past at the many historic and cultural sites, including the Ayasofya, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace.
  • Plan a cruise along the Aegean Sea and the Turquoise Coast.
  • Make inland excursions to Cappadocia and Ankara.
  • Choose the best guides, tours, and means of transportation—including bus, boat, and even hot-air balloon.

Leeann Murphy

Leeann Murphy has walked the labyrinth of streets in Istanbul, hiked the hills of Gallipoli, cruised the Aegean Sea from Ayvalik, visited ancient Ephesus and the quaint hillside village of Sirince, and paddled the warm waters of Pamukkale. As a professional belly dancer, she has long been infatuated with Middle Eastern culture and music, and these experiences won her heart.

Following the untimely death of her father in 2009, Leeann realized that she needed to follower her passion and moved to Turkey indefinitely. She has been feasting on the smorgasbord of attractions in the country ever since.

Today, friends consider Australian-born Leeann “Austolian” (half Australian, half Anatolian). Her life has never been so full of color, creativity, and adventure. Leeann hopes to pass on her Turkish hospitality through her writing, both in this book and at