Moon Living Abroad Costa Rica, fifth edition

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Fifth Edition, September 2017
Pages: 408

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ISBN: 9781631216510

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Moon Living Abroad Costa Rica

Make Your Move!

In many ways, Costa Rica is an expat paradise–known for its slower pace of life, peaceful and happy people, and raw wilderness. If you’ve imagined yourself creating a new life abroad, but don’t know where to start, Moon Living Abroad Costa Rica has the honest and practical answers you need.

Moon Living Abroad Costa Rica provides:

  • Practical information on setting up the essentials, including visas, finances, employment, education, and healthcare
  • What you need to know about Costa Rica’s culture and language before making your move
  • Necessary tips on finding a place to live that fits your needs, whether you’re a renter or a buyer
  • A thorough survey of the best areas to live and why
  • A deep exploration of the geography, politics, and environment that defines Costa Rica
  • Interviews with other expats who share their personal experiences building successful lives abroad
  • Special tips for those with children or pets
  • Firsthand insight from someone who’s done it all

Moon Living Abroad Costa Rica provides honest advice and essential tools to create a new life abroad, and make Costa Rica feel like home. Making a life-changing move has never been easier.

Erin Van Rheenen

Erin Van Rheenen feels lucky to have lived outside of the US for extended periods of time in Nigeria, Ireland, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, where she moved in 2001. Basing herself in the Central Valley, she traveled extensively, exploring by car, bus, boat, and small plane. Currently she spends time in both California and Costa Rica.

She has published stories and articles in periodicals from Fiction to Afar to the Los Angeles Times. She’s been interviewed on CNN and local TV about Costa Rica and moving abroad, and has been a guest on many radio shows, discussing everything from the contested river between Costa Rica and Nicaragua to how moving abroad makes you more creative. Her writing has won several awards, and she has been honored with inclusion in the Best Women’s Travel Writing.

Erin’s website is