moon living abroad in belize cover featuring a palm over a man on a beach

Moon Living Abroad in Belize

Second Edition, July 2012
Pages: 328

Price: $19.99 USD
ISBN: 9781612381800

Price: $9.99 USD
ISBN: 9781612382876

Victoria Day-Wilson has all the insight and know-how on settling down in Belize—she’s made the move there herself. In Moon Living Abroad in Belize, she offers straightforward, knowledgeable advice on how businesspeople, students, teachers, retirees, and professionals can make a smooth transition to living in this increasingly popular destination.

Moon Living Abroad in Belize is packed with essential information and must-have details on setting up daily life, including obtaining visas, arranging finances, gaining employment, choosing schools, and finding health care, plus practical advice on how to rent or buy a home for a variety of needs and budgets. With extensive color and black and white photos, illustrations, and maps, Moon Living Abroad in Belize will help you find your bearings as you settle into your new home and life abroad.

What’s inside Moon Living Abroad in Belize

Here’s what author Victoria Day-Wilson loves about Belize:
    • Waking up early in the morning with the mist over the jungle and toucans, woodpeckers, and exotic, long-tailed motmots knocking on my window with their beaks.
    • The easy-going nature and friendliness of the people and their passion for their beautiful surroundings.
    • The way bus drivers and their conductors help me with my shopping when I get off the bus, pick up little children and lift them off the bus with care, and assist the elderly.
    • Looking in any direction and seeing the horizon, surrounded by nature, and feeling complete solitude, freedom, and space.
    • Walking through the bustling Saturday market where exotic fruits are piled high and then, within minutes, canoeing home on rivers through a quiet jungle.
    • Sipping ice-cold watermelon juice on a hot day.
    • The variety and color of plants.
    • Sitting under a waterfall after a long day.
    • The local guides’ passion and in-depth knowledge of their environment, and their commitment to protecting it.
    • The way total strangers smile to greet me.
    • Living life outdoors: snorkeling in the clear sea water, canoeing up a river deep into the jungle, and exploring hidden caves.

Writer, journalist, and photographer Victoria Day-Wilson grew up in the highlands of Kenya, East Africa, where her natural surroundings inspired her to develop a passion for photography. That’s also where she began her career as a journalist, writing for national, regional, and foreign press. After almost moving to Spain, she ended up in England, where she continued writing and started working as an editor. She also spent a few years working in the Middle East.

After finding out that the UK wasn’t quite her cup of tea, Victoria and her family gazed at a globe and decided that Belize’s climate, amazing fauna and flora, pioneering spirit, and sense of space and freedom made the country an interesting option. They found their dream property on the banks of the Macal River in 2006. She has since gotten to know Belize intimately, traveling the length and breadth of the country.

Today, Victoria splits her time between Belize, Kenya, and the UK.