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Third Edition, June 2014
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Moon Montana, Wyoming & Idaho Camping

Outdoors writer-photographer Becky Lomax uses her experience as a skier, hiker, kayaker, and bicycler to capture the adventures of camping in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Lomax provides insight on the picturesque Glacier National Park, the incredible wildlife of Northwest Montana, and the high winds that characterize the Rocky Mountain Front. Moon Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho Camping is packed with information on national forests and parks, recreation areas, and backcountry sites. Complete with details on what to pack, what to wear, reservations and fees, and the best camping facilities, Moon Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho Camping gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable camping experience.

What’s inside Moon Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho Camping

Enjoy the very best of Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho Camping with these itineraries:
  • Best Boat-In Camping
  • Best Fishing
  • Best Hiking
  • Best Hot Springs
  • Best of Idaho
  • Best Lake Camping
  • Best of Montana
  • Best River Camping
  • Best Wildlife-Watching
  • Best of Wyoming
Discover the best camping spots in:
  • Northwest Montana
  • Glacier
  • Rocky Mountain Front
  • Western Montana
  • Northern Yellowstone Gateways
  • Yellowstone and Tetons
  • Southern Yellowstone Gateways
  • Idaho Panhandle
  • Eastern Central Idaho

Becky Lomax

Becky Lomax grew up camping. She cherishes fond memories of family camping trips in a yellow station wagon packed door-to-door with five raucous kids and their gear. Piled on air mattresses or cots in a canvas tent, she and her siblings woke each morning to their mom doling canned grapefruit and mandarin oranges into plastic camping bowls while their dad pumped the green two-burner Coleman stove to cook pancakes.

Like any camping family, they had their share of rain, mosquitoes, vehicle breakdowns, and siblings who strip-mined the chocolate from the gorp bag. Her brothers still swear they didn’t put that frog in her sleeping bag—but she’s not convinced.

Today, Becky’s favorite kind of travel still involves backpacking, hiking, and camping—especially with her nieces and nephews. After 10 years as a hiking and backpacking guide in Glacier National Park, she now travels the Northern Rockies as a full-time professional outdoors writer and photographer. She uses her writing career as an excuse to camp, hike, mountain bike, kayak, and ski. Her favorite research involves wildlife: She has followed biologists into the field to band raptors and radio-collar bighorn sheep and grizzly bears.

Becky is also the author of Moon Glacier National Park, and her work has been published in various magazines, including Smithsonian, Backpacker, National Wildlife, Cross Country Skier, Montana Magazine, Montana Outdoors, and Northwest Travel.