moon new jersey cover featuring an umbrella on the beach

Moon New Jersey

Second Edition, March 2009
Pages: 450

Price: $19.95 USD
ISBN: 9781598801569

Often misunderstood by outsiders, New Jersey has been coming back into the nation’s eye over the past few years. A native of the Garden State, Laura Kiniry guides travelers from the revitalized Newark, which boasts the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, to the colonial tea-burning town of Greenwich. In between is college hub of New Brunswick, which offers everything from fine dining to college pubs, the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Museum, and Atlantic City’s famous casinos and boardwalk. Laura also offers unique trip strategies that allow visitors to explore their specific interests, such as an “Eight-Day Pop Culture Tour” and “Recreational New Jersey.” From canoeing in The Pinelands to screaming on the roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure, Moon New Jersey gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What’s inside Moon New Jersey

Enjoy the very best of New Jersey with these itineraries:
    • The Best of New Jersey
    • Weekend Getaways
    • On the Shore
    • New Jersey Pop
    • Jersey Cravings
    • Trail Mix
    • Kidding Around
Explore what New Jersey has to offer.

Recommendations for the top sights, recreation, entertainment, hotels, and food in:

    • The Gateway Region including Jersey City and the Gold Coast, The Meadowlands, Newark and Vicinity, The Upper Northeast, and The Urban Outskirts
    • The Skylands including The Highlands, Ridge and Valley Region, Morristown and Vicinity, The Central Piedmont, Lambertville and Vicinity
    • The Jersey Shore including The North Shore, The Barnegat Peninsula, Long Beach Island and Vicinity, Atlantic City, Greater Atlantic City Region, The Cape, Cape May and Vicinity
    • Central Jersey and the Pinelands including Trenton and the Capital Region, Princeton and Vicinity, New Brunswick and Vicinity, Red Bank and Vicinity, The Central Plains, and Outer Ocean County
    • South Jersey including Southwest Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, and Cumberland County

Laura Kiniry is a third-generation New Jerseyan who grew up in Deptford Township. As a true South Jerseyan, Laura drove over 2,800-miles through the state while researching this book, venturing onto the “unknown” streets of North Jersey, sampling restaurants, and exploring state parks after 5 p.m., when the summertime fee is waived. Laura’s writings have appeared in a variety of publications, including Sunset, Her Sports, International Railway Traveler, and Budget Travel. She currently resides in San Francisco, CA.