moon oregon fishing cover featuring a man going fishing in a lake with a mountain on the opposite shore

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Second Edition, May 2012
Pages: 472

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ISBN: 9781612381688

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Moon Oregon Fishing

The Complete Guide to Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and the Ocean

Lifelong angler and Oregon resident Craig Schuhmann offers thorough coverage of fishing spots all over the state, from the waters of the Columbia River Gorge to the lakes of the Cascades. Schuhmann supplies fishermen with accurate, knowledgeable information on special regulations, appropriate fishing times, the best fishing attire, and when to use which baits and lures; and he includes handy maps and detailed directions to help anglers find even the most hidden locations. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, after rainbow trout or steelhead, Moon Oregon Fishing provides all the necessary tools to head outdoors.

Craig Schuhmann

Craig Schuhmann has been fishing in Oregon since the age of 11. He spent his early years fishing Oregon’s steelhead and trout rivers around the Columbia Basin and Central Oregon.

Craig is the author of the book Get Started Fly-Fishing! and has published numerous articles in Fly Tyer magazine and Flyfishing & Tying Journal. He holds a master’s degree in theology from the University of Portland, and works as the Outreach Programs Director for Integral Youth Services, a faith-based nonprofit serving at-risk youth.

Craig currently resides in Klamath Falls, Oregon, with his daughter and wife, where he runs a seasonal guide business, Guided Waters Flyfishing, and teaches fly-fishing and tying at Klamath Community College.