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First Edition, December 2015
Pages: 376

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ISBN: 9781631210297

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ISBN: 9781631210303

Moon Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

California, Oregon, and Washington

This full-color guidebook includes easy-to-use maps to keep you oriented on and off the highway.

Hit the road! California, Oregon, and Washington: explore the top destinations along the West Coast with this book as your guide. Our detailed driving routes give you all you need, including mileage from place to place, driving times, and advice on the best places to stop along the way to eat, sleep, and explore. Get the most out of your trip with the definitive Two-Week Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip, along with suggestions for spending two days in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, and tips for finding the “Best Views” and “Best Beaches” along this gorgeous coastline.

Your Two-Week Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip itinerary includes:

  • Washington in 4 Days
  • Oregon in 5 days
  • Northern California in 5 Days
  • Central California in 3 Days
  • Southern California in 4 Days

Victoriah Arsenian

Victoriah Arsenian is a writer, mountain climber, backwoods meandering tree hugger, an all-around adventure seeker, and a habitual coffee drinker. Raised most of her life in Los Angeles, Victoriah caught the itch for travel from her family’s yearly summer explorations of the Pacific Northwest. She grew up reading adventure novels by authors like Mark Twain, and Jack London, dreaming of finding her own adventures. After reading Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins she became fascinated by Native American culture. While attending college in Oregon, she’d often travel solo up the coast, exploring trails and mountains, and learning about local Native American legends.

Victoriah has since contributed to and authored several culturally-based travel publications including, the award-winning A Travel Guide to Indian Country (Washington & Oregon), Explore Pacific Northwest Tribes, an audio tour guide of the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, and numerous itineraries, and articles on cultural immersion travel. She has also traveled to and explored unique places across the globe, following her feet to every destination with a giant-sized box of band-aids.