moon honduras bay islands cover featuring a group of thatched roofed buildings on a beach

Moon Spotlight Honduras Bay Islands

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First Edition, February 2010
Pages: 96

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ISBN: 9781598804126

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ISBN: 9781612386454

Moon Spotlight Honduras Bay Islands is a 65-page compact guide covering the best of the Bay Islands. Travel writers Chris Humphrey and Amy E. Robertson offer their firsthand advice on what you shouldn’t miss, and sightseeing highlights maps make planning your time easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, accommodations, food, and transportation. Helpful maps guide travelers through the lush forests and sun-kissed beaches of this emerging travel destination.

This Spotlight guidebook is excerpted from Moon Honduras & the Bay Islands.

Chris Humphrey began traveling at the tender age of five, when he ventured across town to a friend’s grandmother’s house. When he took a year off from college to backpack through Africa and the Middle East, his parents saw the writing on the wall and gave up all efforts to worry about him.

Chris first became smitten by Honduras in 1990 while backpacking through South America. Sitting on a dock in La Ceiba looking to catch a tramp freighter to Nicaragua, he instead hopped a boat out to Utila, in the Bay Islands. Seduced by the mellow Honduran vibe, he wandered on to the soporific beach town of Trujillo and then headed up into the mountains of Olancho, drinking endless cups of wickedly strong coffee and chatting with the local cowboys.

Chris got started as a writer in 1994, after college, when he threw everything into a VW van and moved to Mexico City to work as a journalist. He first wrote for a couple of English-language newspapers, then with a financial wire service, and later as a freelance reporter with whomever deigned to buy his stories, including the San Francisco Chronicle, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, and Latin Finance, among many others. In 1997, he wrote the first edition of Moon Honduras. Chris is also the author of Moon Mexico City. These days, Chris lives in London, England, working on his PhD and wistfully dreaming about sunny beaches, palm trees, and a cold Salva Vida.

Amy E. Robertson is a Seattle native who is obsessed with travel. She studied in Boston and Madrid for her bachelor’s degree, and upon graduating took a job with an international consulting firm. This position led Amy to a life of globetrotting—she traveled to more than 50 countries in less than 3 years. She then returned to school, earning a master’s degree in development studies at the London School of Economics, where she also met her Italian husband. After working in international aid for five years in New York City, Amy and her family moved to Ecuador. Amy became so deeply impressed by the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the country that she decided to start writing about it. Her writing has been published in National Geographic Traveler, Christian Science Monitor and Travel + Leisure, among others.

Amy currently resides in Honduras with her husband and two young children, but spends three months a year divided between her family’s hometowns: Seattle, Rome, and Messina (Sicily). Together, Amy and her family enjoy exploring the mountain villages, Mayan ruins, white-sand beaches, and lush forests of Central America. Hiking with her kids in the country’s jungles and cloud forests and spotting birds and crocodiles on the Mosquito Coast were among her favorite experiences while researching Moon Honduras & the Bay Islands.