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Moon Spotlight Myrtle Beach

First Edition,
Pages: 60

Price: $7.99 USD
ISBN: 9781612384962

Price: $4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781612384979

Moon Spotlight Myrtle Beach is a 60-page compact guide covering the best of one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations. Travel writer Jim Morekis offers his firsthand advice on must-see attractions, as well as maps with sightseeing highlights, so you can make the most of your time. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on entertainment, shopping, recreations, accommodations, food, and transportation, making navigating this recreation-filled beach resort town uncomplicated and enjoyable.

This Spotlight guidebook is excerpted from Moon South Carolina.

Jim Morekis grew up just a stone’s throw from South Carolina—in Savannah, Georgia—and he’s used to Charlestonians regarding his hometown as a wayward little sibling. As a young boy who loved history, Jim was fascinated with the home of the Swamp Fox and its key role in the Revolution and the Civil War. As he got older, he discovered a more important truth about the Palmetto State: Few places in America provide such a wealth of experience in such a small package.

Jim’s favorite South Carolina pastimes include relaxing on Edisto Island, eating shrimp and grits in Charleston, waterfall-spotting in the Upstate, playing miniature golf at Myrtle Beach, enjoying a cold brew in Columbia’s Five Points, walking through old cemeteries, and listening to Dizzy Gillespie while in the jazzman’s hometown of Cheraw. He is also learning to appreciate stock car racing. Jim works as a journalist and travel writer, and in his spare time enjoys going shopping with his wife Sonja and daughters Sophia and Alex on Charleston’s King Street.