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First Edition, February 2014
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Moon Wisconsin’s Door County

Wisconsin native Thomas Huhti knows the best way to experience Door County, from enjoying outdoor recreation on Lake Michigan to touring the local wineries. In Moon Wisconsin’s Door County, Huhti offers recommendations for the region’s must-see attractions and activities, and he also includes trip ideas like A Perfect Week in Door County. Whether you’re there to visit Cana Island Lighthouse or to canoe around a remote island, Moon Wisconsin’s Door County gives you the tools you need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

Thomas Huhti

Thomas Huhti is a born-and-raised Badger who learned to love exploring Wisconsin very early—he was the kid always running away from the family campsite to climb trees or swim in one of the state’s 15,000 lakes. He developed a serious passion for travel while studying in China in the late 1980s, and wound up living there after graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison. A chance meeting with a travel writer on a Chinese mountain in 1990 opened his eyes to the possibilities of combining travel and writing as a career, which he’s been doing pretty much ever since.

The first travel guidebook Thomas authored was Moon Wisconsin. During his research he wound up spending far more time than he had allotted in Door County. Once, after a particularly gorgeous sunrise at Newport State Park, he realized he had possibly become addicted to its isolated beaches, somnolent forests, and the sound of Lake Michigan’s waves thundering against shoreline caves. No matter where he travels, he always visits Door County at least once each summer.

Thomas currently lives in Madison, WI.