Summer Tidepooling in Acadia National Park

he magnificent beauty of Maine’s shoreline comes thanks in part to the large tides that wash against it every day. To find some of the rarest treasures of the Maine coastline, try going tidepooling at the beautiful Acadia National Park. Here are some tips on how to work around the tides for the best chance […]

Outdoor Activities at Land Between the Lakes

he Land Between the Lakes region is one of the state’s premier recreation areas, especially for water sports enthusiasts. Encompassing two large lakes—Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley—and the national recreation area that separates them, the Land Between the Lakes area offers excellent waters for fishing as well as lots of wide open space for sailing, […]

The Museums of Philadelphia’s Museum District

Explore Philadelphia’s Museum District, home to several worthwhile sights including the Franklin Institute, a museum dedicated to one of the major focuses of Ben Franklin’s life work—expanding knowledge of the universe through science.

Celebrating America’s Melting Pot

To celebrate Independence Day, here are some vibrant, living destinations from sea to shining sea where you can experience firsthand the diversity of America’s melting pot.

Summer Produce on the North Carolina Coast

In North Carolina, we pay plenty of attention to our backyard gardens and farmers markets, to thirst quenchers both hard and soft, and, of course, to setting a table that’s more feast than meal. Here are some ideas for using summer produce in food and drink recipes.