Volunteers are rewarded with spectacular scenery of snowy mountains and herds of guanacos.

Volunteer with Conservación Patagonica in Chile

Conservación Patagonica’s volunteer program in Chile runs November-April, and volunteers come for three-week stints, camping and backpacking in the field. The work is focused on trail building, ecosystem restoration, and perfect for anyone looking to rough it with purpose.

Parque Nacional Conguillío, Chile.

An Introduction to Chile for Volunteers

While Chile has only a few local volunteer organizations, conservation and wildlife protection efforts can always use a helping hand. There are also many placement agencies and international organizations with volunteer programs in Chile.

Pía glacier in the western Beagle Channel.

The Fjords of Fuegia in Southern Patagonia

Even today, few visitors see Tierra del Fuego’s splendid fjords, which have barely changed since Darwin described them in 1833. Learn more about taking a cruise through the Beagle Channel and the Avenida de los Glaciares.

Viña del Mar's signature Reloj de Flores or "Clock of Flowers." Photo © John O'Connell, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.

Discover Viña del Mar in the Chilean Heartland

Renowned for its white-sand beaches that stretch north through the suburbs of Reñaca and Concón, Viña del Mar is also known as Chile’s Ciudad Jardín (Garden City) for its Mediterranean cityscapes. Here’s an overview of the area and some essentials for planning your trip.