America’s Best Small Towns for Travelers, Part 7

In the final post of her series exploring the best small towns for travelers in America, author Laura Martone suggests three places to visit on the East Coast. Rich in history and activities for outdoors enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone to be found in these small towns.

Road Trip USA Atlantic Coast

Professional traveler Jamie Jensen traveled more than 35,000 miles to bring you the best-selling travel guide Road Trip USA. In this focused tour of the Atlantic Coast, Jensen highlights major cities, obscure towns, popular attractions, roadside curiosities, historic sites, and oddball trivia. Starting at the Statue of Liberty and winding up at free-wheeling Key West, […]

Road Trip USA

Now in its sixth edition, Jamie Jensen’s best-selling Road Trip USA is better than ever. Inside, you’ll find cross-country routes and road-tested advice for adventurers who want to see the parts of America that the interstates have left behind. Jensen also includes mile-by-mile highlights celebrating major cities, obscure towns, popular attractions, roadside curiosities (if you’re […]

Advice for Kayakers and Canoeists

Paddling along the country’s lakes, rivers, bayous, and coastlines can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be dangerous if you’re ill-prepared. High winds and waves, for instance, can make paddling conditions rather challenging, even for veteran paddlers. Laura provides tips and resources for folks looking to hit the water.

Great New Year’s Day Destinations

A lot of thought goes into planning for New Year’s Eve, but whether you party ‘til dawn or go to bed at 9, New Year’s Day will be there waiting for you when you wake up, ready to be seized and explored. Here are some great places to spend your New Year’s holiday—night and day.

Christmas Boat Parades

If you’re lucky enough to be near a body of water this holiday season, consider seeking out one of the country’s many lighted boat parades for an extra-special light viewing experience. These nautical processions take advantage of accommodating weather and water to present floating displays of fun, fantastic, and downright beautiful Christmas lights.