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From the spectacular terrain of New Zealand to the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat to the urban sights of Seoul, the possibilities for exploration in Asia and the Pacific region are endless.

Recent Articles on Cambodia

  • Happy New Year, Cambodia-Style Dancers in matching white tops and red skirts hold colorful parasols as they perform.Choul Chnam, the Khmer New Year, celebrates the beginning of the Buddhist religion. For three days in mid-April, thousands of Cambodians head for the Angkor temples to celebrate, picnic, and sight-see. Learn more about the holiday and how it’s celebrated.
  • Chaul Chnam Thmey: Happy New Year in Cambodia Chedis made of sand and small model boats in front of Wat Atui, an active Khmer temple next to the ruins of a small Angkor era temple, which stands in a village between Siem Reap and Phnom Krom.In many places around the world, December is a month filled with holiday celebration. In Cambodia, a predominantly Buddhist nation, the New Year is celebrated in April (right in the middle of the hot season) and is the most important spiritual and social event of the year. Author Tom Vater discusses how the holiday is ...
  • Why do you think Angkor Wat should be on someone’s “bucket” list? Why do you think Angkor Wat should be on someone’s “bucket” list?

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Recent Articles on China

  • Social Customs in China: Gift-Giving A red and gold hong bao envelope with traditional new years artwork of a bull and oranges.Confused about social customs in China? Gift-giving is a central part of social life in Chinese culture, and it is one area where it is easy to offend if you don’t know what’s expected of you.
  • Getting a Sense of the Beijing Municipality Cyclists and cars share the road in the Houhai area of Beijing.The Beijing Municipality is slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey. Get a sense of the lay of the land, from notable landmarks to popular expat neighborhoods.
  • The Expat Social Scene in Beijing Two bicycles leaned against the wall gathering dust.Twenty years ago just about every foreigner from the West living in Beijing knew one other. Today a vast expatriate community has emerged and is making an impression on the Beijing social scene.

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Recent Articles on India

  • Expats Abroad: Emerging Opportunities Fishing at Jade Belt Bridge, Summer Palace, Beijing.An estimated 232 million people live outside their country of origin. Author Julie Doherty Meade examines expat communities in China and India in the first part of her “Expats Abroad” series.
  • Movies to Inspire Wanderlust A dramatic sunset over Positano, Italy.Author and film expert Laura Martone shares a few popular and classic films that highlight specific destinations around the world—and may just persuade you to start packing. (Also, discover the movies that inspire us here at Moon!)
  • Christmas Celebrations in Delhi In a home with a parquet wood floor, crepe paper is strung from a ceiling light with a decorated Christmas tree in the foreground.Christmas is not the most feted day of the year for most people in Delhi, but it definitely does not go by unnoticed. Author Margot Bigg discusses holiday celebrations in India.

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Recent Articles on Japan

  • LGBT Culture in Japan Rainbow flags and umbrellas at the Tokyo Pride Parade.Same-sex attraction and love has long been a part of Japanese Buddhism and samurai tradition, according to historical and literary references. Compared to the United States, Japanese society seems rather nonchalant toward gender, as far as dress and mannerisms go.
  • Consider Living Abroad: At Home in Japan A woman stands before a message board in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Photo © MIKI Yoshihito, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.It’s easy to fall in love with Japan. The sheer beauty of the country coupled with a modern consumer society makes for a comfortable blend of culture.
  • Common Foods in Japan: From Seafood to Starbucks A ceramic bowl full of chopped ingredients.Learn about the types of food and drink you’ll commonly find in Japan, from traditional Japanese meals to fast food establishments to vending machines (some full of alcohol) that can be a surprise to foreigners.

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Other Asia & the Pacific

  • Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef Travel Itineraries The Three Sisters rock formation in Australia's Blue Mountains National Park.Whether you’re visiting Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef for one week or three, here are some suggestions on how to spend your time to get a good taste of what each region has to offer.
  • New Zealand: Your Study Abroad Adventure Kayakers in the water in New Zealand.Studying in a foreign country is bound to be an exciting experience; in New Zealand, you can take that experience to new levels. Some students spend their days in New Zealand hiking up mountains, exploring active volcanoes, swimming and diving with whales and dolphins, or wandering through centuries-old ice caves. Here’s how you can join ...
  • Planning Your Time in Sydney The Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney is a three story brick building at the head of Macquarie Street.Like all of the world’s great cities, Sydney is brimming with things to see and do, and demands time. Even if you relocated to the city, you’d still never manage it all, so what you’ll have to do is try to squeeze as much into your allocated time as possible. And it all depends on ...

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