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A journey to Angkor Wat is an adventure, an experience, a moment in time. In little more than a decade, Cambodia’s temple town of Siem Reap has developed from a few blocks of crumbling colonial architecture into a bustling tourist mecca. And while you can experience Angkor in a day, a three day itinerary means the time to soak up the main structures at your leisure and get a good impression of the former might of the Khmer culture.

But Angkor Wat is merely the beginning. Visit any of the country’s top ten temples to experience the wondrous architectural feats of the ancient Khmer Empire. Kampuchea, as the Khmer call their homeland, has a timeless, mysterious, and somewhat anarchic quality, quite unlike any land you have visited before.

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Cambodian Temples

Travel map of Siem Reap in Angkor Wat

Siem Reap

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