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From the snowcapped peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the urban buzz of Ontario and Vancouver, Canada has something for every traveler.

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  • The Two-Week Best of British Columbia A canoe floats on the surface of Emerald Lake with the mountains reflected in the surface.Two weeks in British Columbia allows the opportunity to travel throughout the province, including to the northern region. Plan your trip with this suggested itinerary.
  • Niagara Parkway Sights: The White Water Walk Along the banks of the Niagara River on the White Water Walk.The White Water Walk gives you the opportunity to safely stroll alongside the turbulent waters of the lower rapids of Niagara river without getting wet.
  • Events and Festivals in Niagara Falls, Ontario Colored lights on the cascade of Niagara Falls.The most popular nighttime activity in Niagara is watching the illumination of the falls, but if you’re looking for other events and festivals in the area, author Joel Dombrowski has some suggestions.
  • Environmental Issues in British Columbia Evidence of clear-cutting where swaths of trees are gone.Humans have been exploiting British Columbia’s abundant natural resources for 10,000 years. Indigenous people hunting and fishing obviously had little effect on ecological integrity, but over time, the clearing of land for agriculture and development did.
  • Getting to Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park Panoramic view of an alpine lake surrounded by mountain peaks.Nestled in a high bowl of lush alpine meadows, Lake O’Hara is an especially fine hub for day hiking. What makes this destination all the more special is that a quota system limits the number of visitors. If you hope to take the shuttle, here’s what you need to know.

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