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From Bermuda’s beaches to Cuba’s classic cars and Puerto Rico’s nightlife, the Caribbean awaits. Get inspired to take your next trip to a tropical getaway.

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  • Celebrating America’s Melting Pot A black and white photograph of a group of African Americans celebrating at a Fourth of July picnic.To celebrate Independence Day, here are some vibrant, living destinations from sea to shining sea where you can experience firsthand the diversity of America’s melting pot.
  • A Conversation with Travel Memoir Author Julia Cooke cover of the other side of paradise with bold yellow type on a black and white photo of a havana buildingMoon author Christopher P. Baker interviews Julia Cooke, the author of a new memoir about the lives of young Cubans in Havana.
  • Plan a Trip to Bermuda: When and Where to Go A boat docked in the beautiful turquoise waters of St. George's, Bermuda.Author Rosemary Jones covers the basics of planning a trip to Bermuda, offering an overview of the different parishes, necessary documents, and best times of the year to visit.
  • Choosing Between Land and Sea when Visiting the Galápagos A sea lion pup sleeps against its mother on the rocks.There are basically two ways to see the Galápagos: on a cruise or on a land-based tour. Author Ben Westwood discusses the benefits and drawbacks of both options.
  • Tee It Up: Golfing in Bermuda The sun sets over the water beyond a golf course perched right on the edge of the island.Golf is one of Bermuda’s biggest attractions due to the island’s seven courses, many of which boast breath-catching ocean views and championship layouts. Learn about the history of golf on the island, some great courses to check out, the costs of playing, and more.

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