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From Bermuda’s beaches to Cuba’s classic cars and Puerto Rico’s nightlife, the Caribbean awaits. Get inspired to take your next trip to a tropical getaway.

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  • Why You Should Travel to Havana, Cuba The highrise Hotel Riviera in Havana, Cuba. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.A thriving arts scene, music, museums, world-class cuisine, stunning living architecture from colonial to modernist, and more, all distinctly Havana’s own.
  • Cuba in 13 Days: ¡Viva la Revolución! Day 4 of the revolutionary trail takes you through Viñales.Whatever your politics, a pilgrimage along the revolutionary trail following the footsteps of Fidel Castro & co. makes for a fascinating historical journey.
  • Find the Best Dive Sites in Cuba Divers swim alongside a whale shark.From wreck-diving to amazing coral formations, Cuba has some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular diving, much of it virgin. These are the major venues worth planning a trip around.
  • One Indulgent Week in Cuba A young woman rolling cigars in a Havana factory.This seven day itinerary highlights some of the best cultural indulgences in Cuba from cars, cigars, and cabarets to chic clubs and Hemingway’s footsteps.
  • Trip Planning: Where to Go in Cuba Cuba travel maps by region.Do you want to travel to Cuba but aren’t sure what to see? Here’s some advice for where to go in different parts of the country so you can tailor your vacation to your tastes.

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