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From Bermuda’s beaches to Cuba’s classic cars and Puerto Rico’s nightlife, the Caribbean awaits. Get inspired to take your next trip to a tropical getaway.

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  • How Cuban Cigars Are Made A man works rolling cigars in a Cuban factory.Crafting genuine Havana cigars is an exact, hands-on process. Learn how it’s done from selecting tobacco leaves to cigar rolling to final careful packaging.
  • Ecotourism in Eastern Cuba Rio Miel bridge, part of Alejandro de Humboldt National Park.Eastern Cuba receives relatively few visitors despite boasting many of Cuba’s preeminent national parks and historic sites. Here are some great cultural immersion and ecotourism ideas.
  • Cuba for the Bird(er)s A green Cuban woodpecker.With more than 350 bird species, Cuba is an ornithologist’s paradise. Here are the best spots for birdwatching, along with common and uncommon sightings.
  • Qualified Travel Service Providers to Cuba vs “Illegal” Travel Photo of a U.S. passport in a traveler's hand.Strict laws still exist for U.S. citizens wishing to visit Cuba. When planning your trip, be aware of legal and illegal avenues of travel to avoid penalties.
  • Get to Know the History of Havana’s Architecture The Cathedral at Havana August-September 1762 by Dominic Serres the Elder. Photo courtesy of the London's National Maritime Museum.Learn how Havana’s political history has shaped the city from its first disastrous founding to becoming one of the largest cities in the New World to today.

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