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With its unique combination of British, North American, West Indian, and Portuguese influences that feel by turns sophisticated and small-town, Bermuda is a paradise like another world.

There’s definitely an ephemeral, cotton candy element to the 21-square-mile island with its hallmark hue of confectionery pink that brands buses, hibiscus, cottages, and those legendary linen shorts. Arriving over impossibly turquoise bays, so translucent you can almost spot the parrotfish frolicking beneath the silky surface, is to experience a suspension of disbelief normally reserved for Hollywood make-believe. The trilling tree frogs, wobbly scooter rides, perfumed breezes, and laid-back lifestyle probably won’t do much to shatter the illusion.

Discover the charm of the island with our best of Bermuda in one week itinerary, head out for a romantic retreat, or find your adrenaline rush with the best of Bermuda’s extreme sports. And of course, there’s always the world-renowned, pristine coral-tinged beauty of the island’s many beaches.

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Moon Bermuda, 4th ed.

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Currently available from the pages of our travel guides are fifteen free planning maps of Bermuda. These maps cover all the six major regional destinations of interest to travelers.

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Travel map of Bermuda.


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From the pink-sand confines of Warwick to the 400-year-old Town of St. George to Devonshire's deep country, discover the endless charms of Bermuda. Get inspired with our most recent articles or browse all Bermuda travel content.

The Bermudian Heritage Museum once belonged to the Grand United Order of Good Samaritans, which aided newly freed blacks before and after their emancipation in 1834. Photo © Rosemary Jones.

Key Sites Along Bermuda’s African Diaspora Trail

Bermuda’s black heritage and the 200-year legacy of slavery on the island is remembered through a chain of monuments and museums. The African Diaspora Trail has a dozen points of interest throughout the island all officially designated UNESCO Slave Route Projects. Here are some of the key sights and points of interest along the trail.

Depiction of the west end of Hamilton Wharf circa 1857. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Bermuda’s Portuguese

On November 6, 1849, a sailing ship made port in Hamilton carrying 58 men, women, and children—the first Portuguese immigrants to Bermuda. Learn about their history from this first arrival to their fight for equal rights with other island residents as late as the 1980s to how their culture thrives today.

Birds in Bermuda

Bird-watching enthusiasts will find plenty to marvel over in Bermuda. Expert author Rosemary Jones gives an overview of the species you’re likely (and not!) to spot, the best times of year to go bird-watching, and where to go.

Loquats. Photo © Rosemary Jones.

What to Eat in Bermuda

Is there a true Bermudian cuisine? Gourmands might snigger at such a proposition, but Bermuda has claimed its repertoire of hallmark dishes—usually a melting pot of items from other places adapted for local menus. The amalgam of British, West Indian, African, and Portuguese cultural influences has created a somewhat eclectic collection of local dishes.