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Puerto Rico is the perfect island getaway. Sandy beaches, palm trees and tropical breezes make it a favorite for the sun and surf crowd. Rugged mountains and verdant rainforest attract adventure travelers, and lavish oceanside hotels embrace vacationers who crave romance and luxury.

As diverse as its landscapes are the cultures of Puerto Rico. Four hundred years of Spanish heritage has left its mark, giving the island an Old World elegance. African influences abound in the islands color, music, and cuisine, and everywhere you see the lasting influence of the indigenous Taino people far beyond ancient ruins and petroglyphs. Discover it all with the best of Puerto Rico or pick and choose your experiences with day trips from San Juan.

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Currently available from the pages of our travel guides are more than twenty free planning maps of Puerto Rico. These maps cover all the major regional destinations of interest to travelers including San Juan, Cordillera Central, Vieques and Culebra, and each of the coastal regions.

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Travel map of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

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From hip, bustling San Juan to the natural beauty of protected coves, mangrove lagoons, and mountain streams to strolling cobblestone streets lined with rainbow-hued buildings and the drift of tropical music on the air, discover the spectacular bounty of Puerto Rico. Here are our four most recent articles to get you started or you can browse all Puerto Rico content.

Arecibo Observatory. Photo © Frank Van Den Eijnden/123rf.

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory

Many significant astronomical discoveries have been made at the Arecibo Observatory in the last four decades. Learn more about the significant history of space study at the site of this massive dish telescope.

Mouth of Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy. Photo © Suzanne Van Atten.

Exploring Las Cavernas del Río Camuy

Puerto Rico is home to one of the largest underground river-cave systems in the world, and the easiest way to explore the island’s subterranean world is at Las Cavernas del Río Camuy. The park is a well-maintained, tightly run ship, and it’s a good thing; this place draws major crowds.

Picture-perfect beach in Piñones. Photo © Angel Xavier Viera-Vargas, licensed Creative Commons usage.

Fun in Bosque Estatal de Piñones, Puerto Rico

There’s no other place in Puerto Rico like the spectacular Bosque Estatal de Piñones. Stretching from the eastern tip of Isla Verde, San Juan, to the town of Loíza, this pristine reserve is a natural wonderland of deserted beaches; mangrove, pine, and palm forests; sand dunes; coral reefs; bays; salt flats; and lagoons.

Monumento al Indio. Photo © Suzanne Van Atten.

Sights in Isabela, Puerto Rico

The area known today as Isabela was once ruled by Cacique Mabodamaca, one of the island’s most powerful Taíno chiefs. The town of Isabela features a charming little plaza anchored by a church, as are all town plazas, impressive cultural sights, ruins, and one of the most hair-raising mountain drives.