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The Virgin Islands are bright, beautiful, and so very alive. Colors shift from curls of orange and pink at dawn to a palette of blue, green, and purple on the shimmering midday sea to the deep, dark blue of evening. To rival the many colors of the islands are the number of reasons to visit. Whether you’re looking for relaxation and escape, a chance to dance with the stars shining brightly overhead, or want nothing more than to spend endless days exploring the land and sea, there’s an island perfect for you. And whatever your idea of the perfect beach, chances are excellent that one of the islands’ best beaches will fit the bill.

The joy of the Virgin Islands is that you choose your proportions: two parts stillness, one part life, chill and serve. Yield: paradise.

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From the pages of our travel guides, these full-color maps highlight can’t-miss sights, lesser-known attractions, where to eat, play, and more.

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From a weekend getaway on St. Thomas to the romance of Virgin Gorda to immersing yourself in the authentic island culture of St. Croix, discover the great and stunning variety of the U.S and British Virgin Islands. Here are our four most recent articles to get you started or you can browse all Virgin Islands content.

Cacti along the coastline of Shark Bay National Park on the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Off the Water: Forests and Parks in the Virgin Islands

Away from the water, the Virgin Islands are a fascinating and richly diverse landscape: rocky bluffs and wide plains; mountain peaks and dry seaside forests; salt ponds and rainforest. Pack a pair of walking shoes, a water bottle, and a sense of adventure to get up close to the natural world away from the ocean.

Boats moored in the shallow waters of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The Virgin Islands’ Best Snorkeling

Good snorkeling is in the eye of the beholder, and though most people gravitate to reefs, sea grass and mangrove habitats are also fun to explore. With that in mind, here are the best places to snorkel in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

Blinky, Jamesie, & Derby. Photo © The Jamesie Project.

Quelbe Music of the Virgin Islands

The Customs House dates back to 1751. Photo © Susanna Henighan Potter.

Explore Christiansted National Historic Site

Comprising five historic structures dating to the earliest days of Danish colonization, Christiansted National Historic Site is the natural starting point for any exploration of historic Christiansted. Take a moment to enjoy the view outside on the expansive lawns, then delve into the site’s history by exploring inside.