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Central America

From Guatemala’s Western Highlands to Nicaragua’s beaches and Costa Rica’s volcanoes, there’s a lot to see and do in Central America.


  • Bites and Stings in Belize Black sea urchins with long spines cluster on the ocean floor near a coral formation.Thousands of people dive in Belize’s Caribbean and hike its forests every day of the year without incident. This guide is only to let you know what’s out there, not to scare you into remaining in your resort.

Costa Rica

  • Wildlife Reserves and More along the Costa de Pájaros A scarlet macaw. Photo © Adalberto H. Vega, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.There’s fabulous bird-watching among the mangroves that line the shore near Manzanillo. Known as the Costa de Pájaros, there are ibis, herons, pelicans, parrots, egrets, and more waiting to be spotted. Learn about where to see these feathered creatures.


  • Ecoutourism Treks in Guatemala Sunlight comes in at an angle illuminating a farmouse and fog laying low in a pastoral valley.Community tourism initiatives, whereby local Maya guides take travelers to seldom-seen locales in Guatemala’s rugged countryside, make for some extraordinary cross-cultural opportunities. Here are some recommendations for where to start your trek.


  • Visiting Isla del Tigre and Amapala A verdant volcanic peak rises behind a yellow colonial church trimmed in white.The volcanic island of Isla del Tigre is hardly more than spitting distance from the Honduran mainland, but it has a few decent beaches, some good seafood, and an appealing lost-in-time feel.


  • Festivals and Events in Managua An 18th century painting of Saint Dominic, a miracle worker who reportedly brought four people back from the dead.August is the best month of the year in Managua—you can expect parades, horse shows, and unlimited quantities of beer and rum. Here’s more information about festivals in the city (including July 19th celebrations) to help you plan your trip.


Photo at top © Serge Melki, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.