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Central America

From Guatemala’s Western Highlands to Nicaragua’s beaches and Costa Rica’s volcanoes, there’s a lot to see and do in Central America.


  • Festivals and Events in Belize City Carnival in Belize. Photo © Lebawit Lily Girma.September is Belize’s golden month, with three weeks of festivities celebrating the country’s independence. Learn more about Belize City festivals in September, as well as events to plan for (or around) during the rest of the year.

Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica’s Parque Nacional Palo Verde in the Tempisque Basin A Mangrove Black Hawk photographed on the banks of the Río Tempisque. Photo © Brian Ralphs licensed, Creative Commons Attribution.Parque Nacional Palo Verde is best known as a bird-watchers’ paradise. It protects 13,058 hectares (32,267 acres) of floodplain, marshes, and seasonal pools in the heart of the Tempisque basin. Read more about visiting the park including information on accommodations, guided walks, and native wildlife.



  • The Best Beaches in Honduras Cayos Cochinos beach in the Honduras.Sun worshipers will have no problem finding palm-lined beaches large and small on which to lay their towel or sling their hammock. Here are a few tips to help you find the best beach in Honduras for you.


  • Festivals and Events in Managua An 18th century painting of Saint Dominic, a miracle worker who reportedly brought four people back from the dead.August is the best month of the year in Managua—you can expect parades, horse shows, and unlimited quantities of beer and rum. Here’s more information about festivals in the city (including July 19th celebrations) to help you plan your trip.


Photo at top © Serge Melki, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.