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Central America

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A cow in Boaco, Nicaragua.

Visiting Chontales and Nicaragua’s Cattle Country

Hiking Camoapa Mombacho is significantly easier than hiking Cuisaltepe and offers a beautiful view of Camoapa’s open ranges.

4 Best Hikes Near Boaco, Nicaragua

The old stone fort on the banks of the San Juan in El Castillo, Nicaragua.

Visiting El Castillo along the Río San Juan

Pre-Columbian statuary in the Museo Arqueológico Gregorio Aguilar Barea.

Things to Do in Juigalpa, Nicaragua

The last big settlement on the road southeast to El Rama, Juigalpa bears the traces of its indigenous roots in elaborate statuary and other archaeological pieces still being discovered. Spend your time in its incredible museum and enjoying its many city parks.