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Central America

From Guatemala’s Western Highlands to Nicaragua’s beaches and Costa Rica’s volcanoes, there’s a lot to see and do in Central America.


  • Life as A Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize Volunteer Sameera Hassan in Belize.Recently, I was able to interview Sameera Hassan, who is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Belize. She tells us what it’s like to volunteer and live in “the Jewel”.

Costa Rica


  • Volunteer with Long Way Home in Guatemala Long Way Home's current primary project is the construction of an elementary and vocational school using rammed-earth tires and polypropylene bags, water harvesting, and trash-filled bottles.Long Way Home’s focus is the promotion of green and alternative building practices. Volunteer work is either physically demanding or educational in nature with children and youth. Learn more about organization and its work, along with practical costs, requirements, and volunteer opportunities.


  • Volunteer with Utila Iguana Conservation Project, Honduras The Utila Iguana Conservation Project operates the Iguana Station, located on the island of Utila.All you need to volunteer with Honduras’s Utila Iguana Conservation Project is a passion for nature. The work includes caring for the iguanas, butterflies, tarantulas, geckos, and other animals at the station, but it can also include teaching, public relations, gardening, maintenance, or ecological research, depending on your skills.


  • Volunteer with Bridges to Community in Nicaragua A field of coffee plants in Nicaragua.With an emphasis on shared work and community empowerment, Bridges to Community makes long-term commitments to the communities where it works. Learn how volunteers can help, along with practical details such as how to apply, costs, and requirements.


  • Volunteer with Associacion Conservacionista de Playa Malena, Panama Volunteer tasks can include releasing sea turtle hatchlings to the ocean and keeping records of turtle activities.Panama’s Associacion Conservacionista de Playa Malena is a nonprofit group of community volunteers dedicated to the protection of the beach and its wildlife. While all are welcome, volunteers aren’t accepted outside turtle season, as much of the work focuses on protecting nesting sea turtles during hatching season.

Photo at top © Serge Melki, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.