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Guatemala has always been the stuff of legend. Outside Guatemala City, the green landscape unfolds before you—though its misty mountains, pine forests, and agricultural fields look like something out of a fairytale, the bounty of this country is very real.

If you want the highlights, start with Guatemala’s top ten must-sees, ranging from colonial towns and archeological sites to majestic volcanoes and stunning emerald green limestone pools. But there’s plenty more to see; Las Verapaces are Guatemala’s green heartland, the often-overlooked Pacific coast is home to excellent surfing and underpopulated beaches, and thanks to the counry’s proximity to the U.S., a weekend escape to La Antigua is very easy to do.

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Guatemala City

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From cosmopolitan Guatemala City and dining beneath Spanish colonial arches set beside a gurgling fountain to finding treasures in highland markets full of Mayan crafts to exploring active volcanoes and sweltering jungles full of half-excavated Mayan pyramids, discover the magic of Guatemala. Here are our four most recent articles to get you started, or dig deeper and browse all travel articles for Guatemala.

Iximché exhibits much more of a Mexican influence than other Maya sites in Guatemala. Photo © Michal Zak/123rf.

Iximché, Guatemala’s Most Accessible Highland Mayan Site

Iximché is the most easily accessible of Guatemala’s highland Mayan ceremonial sites. It makes an interesting stop for those with an interest in Mayan culture and history because of the differences it exhibits from the lowland Mayan sites of Petén, which date to much earlier times.

Alta Vista Golf and Tennis Club offers one of Guatemala's most challenging courses. Photo © Al Argueta.

Guatemala City Golfing

Fans of golf will find some excellent golf courses in and around the city; those within private country clubs are usually still open to visitors. You can enjoy a round of golf surrounded by the country’s spectacular mountain scenery as you play on narrow, sloping fairways lined with pine trees and a variety of other obstacles. Several of sportfishing outfitters have also combined fishing and golf packages.

Guatemala's impressive Maya Biosphere Reserve. Photo © Al Argueta.

Guatemala’s Biosphere Reserves

Guatemala has more than 90 protected areas encompassing about 28 percent of the country’s total land area. Among the different types of protected areas are biosphere reserves, national parks, biotopes, natural monuments, wildlife refuges, and private nature reserves. Several of these are encompassed within larger areas, as is the case with the national parks and biotopes making up the larger Maya Biosphere Reserve.

The carved and painted front of San Andrés Xecul's Technicolor church.

The Many Sights Near Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

The towns and villages surrounding Quetzaltenango make for some interesting day trips. Found nearby are the Santa María and Santiaguito Volcanoes, hot springs, Indian markets, colorful churches, and an exquisite crater lake.