Honduras Travel Guide Be prepared for relaxation and easy-going outdoor fun.

Discover Honduras

Honduras shares in the relaxing tropical vibe of Belize and Costa Rica and boasts a fantastic natural beauty of sea and mountains all far less traveled than other Caribbean destinations. Adventuring too takes on an easy-going vibe. A scuba diver’s paradise, novice snorkelers can easily wade underwater to find visual treasures. The same for jungle explorers or mountain hikers, there’s plenty to keep veterans and first-timers alike more than happy. And while tourist attractions themselves are few and far between in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s business and political capitals, there’s plenty of eating and entertaining opportunities.

With ruins to explore, colonial towns and culture to experience, bird-spotting, day-trips and more, there’s a lot to see and do in this small, rich country. If you’re looking for history, relaxation, adventure, or the unique experience of a volunteer vacation, Honduras has it all. Read the full overview of Honduras and check out our Honduras Travel Guide below.

Planning Your Trip

If You Have…

One week: Visit Roatan and the ruins of Copán.

Two weeks: Add Pico Bonito, Lago de Yojoa, and either Chachahuate or Utila.

Three weeks: Add Gracias, the Lencan highlands, and the Reserve de la Biósfera del Río Plátano.

Four weeks: Add Comayagua, Yuscarán, Danlí and Isla del Tigre.

Honduras Trip Itineraries

Key locales, best beaches, and local cuisine you don’t want to miss.

    Where to Go in Honduras

    A surprising amount of ground to cover with lots to see and plenty more to do.

    Recreation in Honduras

    Beaches, rainforests, islands and cities.

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